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Federal Power Commission (1920-1977)

FP 1.1:    Annual Report 1921-
FP 1.2:    General Publications
FP 1.5:    Laws
FP 1.7/3:    Uniform System of Accounts Prescribed for Public Utilities and Licenses
FP 1.7/2:    Uniform System of Accounts Prescribed for Natural Gas Companies
FP 1.7:    Rules and Regulations
FP 1.10:    Rate Series R1- 1935-
FP 1.10/2:    Rate Series 2, State Reports
FP 1.12:    Power Series P1- 1935-
FP 1.13:    Maps
FP 1.18:    National Electric Rate Book
FP 1.20:    Federal Power Commission Reports, Opinions, and Orders 1931-
FP 1.21:    Statistical Series S1- 1935-
FP 1.27:    Electric Power Statistics
FP 1.33:    Environmental Impact Statements