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Browse the Documents Stacks: FE

Federal Energy Administration (1974-1977)

FE 1.1:    Annual Report
FE 1.2:    General Publications
FE 1.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
FE 1.9/4:    Monthly Petroleum Statistics Report 1975-
FE 1.9/5:    Monthly Petroleum Product Price Report
FE 1.12:    Petroleum Market Shares
FE 1.14:    Monthly Energy Indicators
FE 1.15:    Energy Information Reported to Congress as Required by Public Law 93-319
FE 1.15/2:    Report to Congress on the Economic Impact of Energy Actions as Required by Public Law 93-275, Section 18(D)
FE 1.16:    Federal Energy Management Program: Annual Report
FE 1.17:    Monthly Energy Review 1974-
FE 1.18:    Project Independence
FE 1.19:    Energy Reporter, Federal Energy Administration Citizen Newsletter 1975-
FE 1.20:    Technical Reports
FE 1.21:    Final Environmental Impact Statements
FE 1.22:    Conservation Papers
FE 1.23:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
FE 1.24:    Energy Information in the Federal Government, A Directory of Energy Sources Identified by the Interagency Task Force on Energy Information
FE 1.25:    Contingency Plans