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Browse the Documents Stacks: FAA

Federal Aviation Agency (1958-1967)

FAA 1.1:    Semiannual Reports
FAA 1.2:    General Publications
FAA 1.6/9:    Rules of Flight
FAA 1.10:    List of FAA Publications
FAA 1.10/3:    Bibliographic List
FAA 1.20:    Flight Information Manual
FAA 1.27/4:    Air Traffic Patterns for IFR and VFR Aviation, Calendar Year
FAA 1.32/2:    Statistical Study of U.S. Civil Aircraft
FAA 1.32:    FAA Statistical Handbook of Aviation
FAA 1.33:    Aircraft in Agriculture
FAA 1.35:    United States Active Civil Aircraft by State and County
FAA 1.37:    FAA Plan for Air Navigation and Air Traffic Control Systems
FAA 2.1:    Bureau of Research and Development: Program and Progress Report
FAA 2.2:    Bureau of Research and Development General Publications
FAA 3.11:    Bureau of Air Traffic Management: Enroute IFR Air Traffic Survey
FAA 3.11/3:    Bureau of Air Traffic Management: Enroute IFR Peak Day Charts, Fiscal Year
FAA 3.13/2:    Bureau of Air Traffic Management: Flight Information Manual
FAA 3.14:    Bureau of Air Traffic Management: ATS Fact Book / Air Traffic Service
FAA 4.8:    Bureau of Facilities: National Airport Plan
FAA 4.11:    Bureau of Facilities: Air Commerce Traffic Pattern, Calendar Year
FAA 5.12:    Bureau of Flight Standards: Summary of Supplemental Type Certificates and Approved Replacement Parts
FAA 5.14:    Bureau of Flight Standards United States Civil Aircraft Register
FAA 8.9:    Airports Service: Air Commerce Traffic Pattern
FAA 8.11:    Airports Service: National Airport Plan, Fiscal Years