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Browse the Documents Stacks: ER

Energy Research and Development Administration (1975- 1977)

ER 1.1:    Annual Report
ER 1.2:    General Publications
ER 1.9:    Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis 1975-
ER 1.10:    Nuclear Science Abstarcts 1948-1976
ER 1.11:    Research and Development Reports
ER 1.13:    Materials and Components in Fossil Energy Applications, and ERDA Newsletter
ER 1.14:    ERDA Critical Review Series
ER 1.15:    ERDA Energy Research Abstracts 1976-
ER 1.24:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
ER 1.25:    Environmental Impact Statement
ER 1.26:    Radiobiology
ER 1.28:    Coal, Quarterly Reports: Power and Combustion
ER 1.28/2:    Coal, Quarterly Reports: Liquefaction
ER 1.28/3:    Coal, Quarterly Reports: Demonstration Plants
ER 1.28/4:    Coal, Quarterly Reports: Gasification
ER 1.29:    Energy Efficiency Research
ER 1.33:    Environmental Development Plan, Oil Shale