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Department of Education (1979- )

ED 1.1:    Annual Report
ED 1.1/3-2:    The National Education Goals Report
ED 1.1/10:    Annual Report to Congress
ED 1.1/2:    Administration of Public Laws 81-874 and 81-815, Annual Report of the Comissioner of Education
ED 1.1/3:    The National Education Goals Report
ED 1.1/5:    Financial Management Status Report and 5-Year Plan
ED 1.1/6:    Annual Accountability Report
ED 1.1/7:    Annual Report on School Safety
ED 1.2:    General Publications
ED 1.2/15:    Braille Publications
ED 1.2/16:    The Law, Higher Education, and Substance Abuse Prevention, A Biannual Newsletter
ED 1.2/17:    Catalyst
ED 1.3/2:    Bulletin / Office of Student Financial Assistance
ED 1.3/3:    Federal Direct Student Loan Program Bulletin
ED 1.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
ED 1.8/2:    Student Guide, Five Federal Financial Aid Programs
ED 1.8/3:    Application Development Guide, Talent Search Program
ED 1.8/4:    NCBE, Program Information Guide Series
ED 1.9/2:    What's Noteworthy on...
ED 1.10    American Education
ED 1.10/2:    Guide to Department of Education Programs
ED 1.11/2:    Resources in Education
ED 1.12:    Right to Read
ED 1.13:    Advisory Committee on Accreditation and Institutional Eligibility: Annual Report
ED 1.14:    Campus Board Programs Report
ED 1.15:    Monographs and Career Education
ED 1.17:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
ED 1.17/2:    Resources in Women's Educational Equality 1977-
ED 1.17/3:    Vocational instructional Materials Available from Federal Agencies
ED 1.18:    Library Programs, HEA Title II-C, Strengthening Research Library Resources Program
ED 1.18/8:    Library Programs, Library Services for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency
ED 1.18/2:    Library Programs, Library Literacy Programs, Abstracts of Funded Projects
ED 1.18/3:    Library Programs, Library Services for Indian Tribes and Hawaiian Natives Program
ED 1.18/3-2:    Library Programs, Library Services for Indian Tribes and Hawaiian Natives Program, Review of Program Activities
ED 1.18/4:    Library Programs, HEA Title II-B
ED 1.18/5:    Library Programs, Interlibrary Cooperation and Resource Sharing
ED 1.18/6:    Library Programs, Library Programs for the Handicapped
ED 1.18/7:    Library Programs, Public Library Construction: An Overview and Analysis
ED 1.19:    Opportunitites Abroad for Educators
ED 1.20/3:    Pocket Projections
ED 1.20:    Directory of Community Education Projects
ED 1.22:    Information from Health Resource Center 1981-
ED 1.23:    Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education: Publications
ED 1.23/2:    FIPSE, Application for Grants Under the Comprehensive Program
ED 1.23/3:    The Fund for the Improvement Postsecondary Education, Innovative Projects for Student Community Service
ED 1.23/4:    The Fund for the Improvement of Secondary Education, Lectures Program Information and Application Materials
ED 1.23/5:    The Fund for the Improvement Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), Drug Prevention Programs in Higher Education, Information and Application Procedures
ED 1.23/6:    IPEDS Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, Institutional Characteristics
ED 1.23/7:    FIPSE, Drug Prevention Programs in Higher Education, Information and Application Procedures for: The Institution Wide Program Competition
ED 1.23/8:    FIPSE, Drug Prevention Programs in Higher Education, Information and Application Procedures for: The Specific Approaches to Prevention Competition, Invitational Priority; Higher Education Consortia for Drug Prevention
ED 1.23/9:    The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), Special Focus Competition: College-School Partnerships to Improve Learning of Essential Academic Subjects, Kindergarten Through College
ED 1.23/10:    FIPSE European Community/United States of America Joint Consortia for Cooperation in Higher Education and Vocational Education
ED 1.24:    Telephone Directory
ED 1.24/2:    OERI (Office of Educational Research and Improvement) Directory of Computer Tapes
ED 1.26:    Office of Inspector General: Semi-Annual Report to Congress
ED 1.26/2:    Semiannual Reports to Congress on Audit Follow-Up
ED 1.28:    Home Viewer Guide
ED 1.29:    Catalog of Federal Education Assistance Program
ED 1.29/2:    OSEA Program Book
ED 1.30/2:    Directories
ED 1.30/3:    The Challenge Network Membership Directory
ED 1.30/4:    Directory of Services
ED 1.30/5:    NIDRR Program Directory
ED 1.30:    Directory of Education Associations
ED 1.31:    Programms for the Handicapped
ED 1.31/2:    Early Intervention Research Institute Publications
ED 1.32:    Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of the Education on the Handicapped Act
ED 1.32/4:    Handicapped Children's Early Education Program
ED 1.33:    National Center for Research in Vocational Education: Publications
ED 1.33/2:    Bi-Annual Professional Development Program
ED 1.33/2-2:    Projects in Progress
ED 1.33/3:    Vocational Educator
ED 1.33/5:    A.L.L. Points Bulletin
ED 1.34:    Federal Assistance for Programs Serving the Handicapped
ED 1.35:    Financial Assistance by Geographic Area
ED 1.36:    Education Around the World
ED 1.37:    Posters and Charts
ED 1.38:    Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs
ED 1.39:    Annual Evaluation Report
ED 1.40:    National Direct Student Loan Status of Default as of (date)
ED 1.40/6:    Direct Loans Bulletin
ED 1.40/7:    Repaying your Student Loans
ED 1.40/8:    Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate (FISAP)
ED 1.40/2:    National Defense and Direct Student Loan Program Directory of Designated Low-Income Schools for Teacher Cancellation Benefits
ED 1.40/3:    COL-
ED 1.40/4:    Status of Perkins Loan Default as of...
ED 1.40/5:    Direct Loans Newsletter
ED 1.41:    Progress of Education in the United States of America
ED 1.41/2:    Education Update: Student Liaison Officer's Monthly Memo to Students
ED 1.42:    Higher Education Opportunities for Minorities and Women
ED 1.43:    English Language Proficiency Study
ED 1.44:    Women's Educational Equity Act Program, Annual Report 1976-
ED 1.45:    Counselor's Handbook, A Federal Student Aid Reference
ED 1.45/7:    Funding your Education
ED 1.45/2:    Pell Grant Formula
ED 1.45/3:    P-
ED 1.45/3-2:    Pell Grant Payment Schedule
ED 1.45/4:    Federal Student Financial Aid Handbook
ED 1.45/5:    The EFC Formula Book, The Expected Family Conribution for Federal Student Aid
ED 1.49:    Focus
ED 1.49/2:    New Focus
ED 1.49/2-2:    Focus Occasional Papers in Bilingual Education
ED 1.49/3:    Workplace Network News
ED 1.65:    Numeric List of Educational Institutions
ED 1.66:    Alphabetic List of Lenders
ED 1.67:    Numeric List of Lenders
ED 1.68:    Alphabetical List of Educational Institutions
ED 1.70:    Verification Case Studies
ED 1.71:    News Digest
ED 1.71/2:    East Central Communique
ED 1.71/3:    NCBE (National Clearinhouse for Bilingual Education) Forum
ED 1.71/4:    News Digest / National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
ED 1.74:    Work-Study Reports
ED 1.74/2:    CB
ED 1.76:    GEN-
ED 1.76/2-3:    SSIG and SG
ED 1.76/2:    GEN
ED 1.76/2-2:    ANN
ED 1.76/2-4:    L (series)
ED 1.77:    The Challenge
ED 1.79:    NARIC (National Rehabilitation Information Center), Disability Research Resources
ED 1.79/2:    NARIC Quarterly
ED 1.79/3:    A.T. Quarterly
ED 1.80:    Working Paper
ED 1.81:    The Congressional Methodology
ED 1.83:    Electronic Products
ED 1.84:    Disability Statistics Report
ED 1.84/2:    Disability Statistics Abstract
ED 1.85:    America 2000
ED 1.85/2:    Goals 2000, Community Update
ED 1.85/4:    Goals 2000 A Progress Report
ED 1.86:    NIDRR Consensus Statement
ED 1.89:    White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Newsletter
ED 1.89/2:    Annual Report, President's Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities
ED 1.90:    ED Initiatives
ED 1.91:    Improving America's Schools: A Newsletter on Issues in School Reform
ED 1.92:    Federal School Code List
ED 1.92/2:    Federal School Code
ED 1.93:    School Improvement Report: Executive Order on Actions for Turning Around Low- Performing Schools
ED 1.94/3:    Application for New Fellowship
ED 1.97:    OVAE Weekly
ED 1.99:    Currents: the newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Regional Consortium 

National Center for Education Statistics (1979- )

ED 1.102:    General Publications
ED 1.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
ED 1.109:    Condition of Education
ED 1.109/1:    Condition of Education
ED 1.109/2:    Education Indicators
ED 1.109/2-2:    Findings from the Condition of Education
ED 1.110:    Enrollments and Programs in Noncollegiate Postsecondary Schools
ED 1.111:    Education Directory, Colleges and Universities
ED 1.111/3:    Education Directory, State Education Agency Offices
ED 1.111/2:    Directory of Public Elementary and Secondary Education Agencies
ED 1.111/4:    Directory of Postsecondary Institutions
ED 1.112:    Statistics of Public Elementary and Secondary Day Schools 1954-
ED 1.112/2:    Public Elementary and Secondary Education in the United States
ED 1.112/3:    Estimates of Local Public School System Finances
ED 1.112/5:    Preprimary Enrollment
ED 1.113:    Digest of Education Statistics
ED 1.114:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
ED 1.115:    Contractor Reports
ED 1.116/2:    Institutions of Higher Education, Index by State and Congressional District
ED 1.116/3:    State Higher Education Profiles
ED 1.116:    Financial Statistics of Institutions of Higher Education
ED 1.117:    Earned Degrees Conferred
ED 1.118:    National Assessment of Education Progress: Reports
ED 1.118/2:    National Assessment of Educational Progress Publications
ED 1.119:    Revenues and Expenditures for Public and Elementary and Secondary Education
ED 1.120:    Projections of Education Statistics
ED 1.120/3:    Pocket Projections
ED 1.121:    College Costs, Basic Student Charges, 4-Year Institutions
ED 1.121/2:    College Costs, Basic Student Charges, 2-Year Institutions
ED 1.121/3:    College Costs, Basic Student Charges 2-Year and 4-Year Institutions
ED 1.122:    Library Statistics of Colleges and Universities
ED 1.122/3:    Library Statistics of Colleges and Universities
ED 1.123:    Participation in Adult Education
ED 1.124:    Fall Enrollment Colleges and Universities
ED 1.125:    FRSS (Fast Response Survey System) Reports
ED 1.126:    NCES Bulletins
ED 1.127:    Survey of College Graduates
ED 1.129:    Directory of Library Networks and Cooperative Library Organizations
ED 1.130:    Directories
ED 1.132:    Trends in Education
ED 1.132/2:    Trends in Bachelors and Higher Degrees
ED 1.133:    Speede/Express Newsletter
ED 1.134:    Electronic Products
ED 1.136/2:    The Nation's Report Card: Reading
ED 1.136/3:    Nation's Report Card: Science
ED 1.136/6:    Nation's Report Card: Geography
ED 1.136/7:    Nation's Report Card: Mathematics
ED 1.136/10:    NAEP Year-At-A-Glance
ED 1.136:    General Publications (NAEP)
ED 1.140/2:    Mini-Digest of Education Statistics
ED 1.140:    Digest of Education Statistics
ED 1.141:    Data File: State Library Agencies Survey: Fiscal Year
ED 1.153:    NCLE Notes 

Rehabilitation Services Administration (1979- )

ED 1.202:    General Publications
ED 1.208:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
ED 1.209:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
ED 1.209/2:    Catalog of Captioned Films for the Deaf
ED 1.209/2-2:    Catalog of Educational Captioned Films/Videos for the Deaf
ED 1.210:    Annual Report to the President and Congress
ED 1.211:    American Rehabilitation
ED 1.213:    OSERS News in Print
ED 1.214:    Application for New Grants Under Certain Direct Grant Programs
ED 1.215:    NIDRR Program Directory
ED 1.215/4:    Disability Statistics Abstract
ED 1.215/2:    Disability Statistics Report
ED 1.215/3:    Disability Forum Report
ED 1.216:    Discretionary Grants and Projects (Integrating Resource) 

Educational Research and Improvement Center (1986- )

ED 1.301:    Annual Report
ED 1.301/2:    ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Annual Report
ED 1.302:    General Publications
ED 1.308:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
ED 1.308/2:    Education Research Consumer Guide
ED 1.310:    Resources in Education 1966-
ED 1.310/5:    Selected Papers in School Finance
ED 1.310/2:    Education Documents Announced in RIE
ED 1.310/3:    Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors
ED 1.310/3-2:    Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, Alphabetical Display
ED 1.310/3-3:    Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, Hierarchical Display
ED 1.310/4:    Current Index of Journals in Education
ED 1.310/6:    ERIC Database
ED 1.311:    Program on Teaching and Learning
ED 1.312:    Women's Studies, Monograph Series
ED 1.314:    Vocational Education Study Publications
ED 1.315:    National Council on Educational Research: Annual Report 1975-
ED 1.317:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
ED 1.317/2:    Recent Publications of the Department of Education
ED 1.317/3:    Perspectives in Reading Research
ED 1.317/4:    Advances in Education Research
ED 1.319:    Indian Reading Series 1981-
ED 1.321:    Funding Opportunities at NIE, FY
ED 1.322:    Research in Brief
ED 1.322/3:    Education Research Report
ED 1.324:    Request for Proposal NIE-R-
ED 1.325:    Computer Education, A Catalog of Projects Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education
ED 1.326:    Digest of Education Statistics
ED 1.327:    Youth Indicators, Trends in the Well-Being of American Youth
ED 1.328:    Survey Report
ED 1.328/2:    Analysis Report
ED 1.328/3:    E.D. Tabs
ED 1.328/3-2:    E.D. Tabs
ED 1.328/4:    Statistics in Brief
ED 1.328/5:    Statistical Analysis Report
ED 1.328/6:    Research and Development Report
ED 1.328/7:    Technical Report
ED 1.328/8:    Federal Support for Education
ED 1.328/9:    Methodology Report
ED 1.328/10:    National Center for Education Statistics, Technical/Methodology Report
ED 1.328/11:    Education Statistics
ED 1.328/12:    Public Elementary and Secondary Education Statistics: School Year
ED 1.328/13:    Education Statistics
ED 1.329:    Dropout Rates in the United States
ED 1.330:    Directories
ED 1.330/2:    Directory of ERIC Resource Collection
ED 1.331:    The ERIC Review
ED 1.331/2:    ERIC Digest
ED 1.332:    Schools and Safety Staffing Survey
ED 1.333:    National Postsecondary Student Aid Study
ED 1.334:    High School and Beyond
ED 1.334/4-2:    Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (Annual Data Collection Schedule)
ED 1.334/2:    Electronic Products
ED 1.334/3:    Public Library Data
ED 1.334/4:    Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System IPEDS
ED 1.334/5:    National Household Education Survey
ED 1.335/3:    NAEP Technical Report
ED 1.336:    National Center for Education Statistics, Education Policy Issues: Statistical Perspectives
ED 1.336/2:    Perspectives on Education Policy Research
ED 1.337:    Field Initiated Studies Program, Abstracts of Funded Projects
ED 1.338:    Library Career Training Program, Abstracts of Funded Projects Title 2-B
ED 1.340:    ENC (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse) Update
ED 1.340/2:    ENC Focus
ED 1.340/3:    ENC, Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, A Collection of Curriculum Standards and Framework
ED 1.341:    Indicator of the Month
ED 1.342:    Learning Connections Newsletter
ED 1.343/2:    Early Childhood Digest
ED 1.344:    Posters
ED 1.346:    Briefs
ED 1.347:    Indicators of School Crime and Safety
ED 1.348/4:    Serve-Electronic Products
ED 1.348/2:    SERVE Special Report
ED 1.348/3:    SERVE General Publications
ED 1.349:    Early Developments 

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

ED 1.402:    General Publications
ED 1.408:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
ED 1.409:    The Outlook
ED 1.410:    Application for Grants, Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies
ED 1.411:    WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC Catalog 

Presidential Scholars Commission (1964- )

ED 1.502:    General Publications