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Department of Energy (1977- ) pt.1

E 1.1:    Annual Report
E 1.1/7:    Annual Report to Congress, Department of Energy Activities Relating to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
E 1.1/2:    Office of the Inspector General: Annual Report
E 1.1/3:    Laramie Energy Technology Center: Annual Report
E 1.1/6:    Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute, Annual Report
E 1.2    General Publications
E 1.2/2:    The Tampa Electric integrated gasification combined-cycle project, an update
E 1.5:    DOE/PA (series)
E 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
E 1.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 1.8/3:    Study Guides
E 1.8/4:    Guide to the U.S. Department of Energy, Board of Contract Appeals and Contract Adjustment Board
E 1.9:    Interdisciplinary Student/Teacher Materials in Energy, the Environment, and the Economy 1977-
E 1.10:    Conference
E 1.11:    Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis 1975-
E 1.12:    Telephone Directory
E 1.12/2:    Brookhaven National Laboratory: Telephone Directory
E 1.12/3:    National Telephone Directory
E 1.12/4:    Telephone Directory, Rockwell International, Rocky Flats Plant
E 1.13:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
E 1.13/4:    Selected DOE Headquarters Publications 1978-
E 1.13/5:    New at the Energy Library
E 1.14:    Energy Reporter
E 1.15:    Defense Programs DOE/DP-
E 1.15/2:    Semiannual Report on Strategic Special Nuclear Material Inventory Differences
E 1.16:    Environment DOE/EV
E 1.16/2:    Environmental Readiness Documents DOE/ERD
E 1.17:    Energy Research Abstracts
E 1.18:    Energy Technology DOE/ET
E 1.19:    Energy Research DOE/ER
E 1.19/2:    Energy Related Laboratory Equipment Catalog
E 1.19/3:    Summaries of FY (date) Research in Nuclear Physics
E 1.19/4:    ER News
E 1.20:    Environmental Impact Statements DOE/EIS-
E 1.20/3-2:    DOE Occupational Radiation Exposure Report
E 1.20/4:    Environmental Radon Program Summaries of Research
E 1.20/5:    Sandia Technology
E 1.20/2:    Environmental Assessment DOE/EA
E 1.20/3:    DOE/EH
E 1.23:    Materials qnd Components in Fossil Energy Applications
E 1.24:    National Survey of Compensation Paid Scientists and Engineers Engaged in Research and Development Activities
E 1.25:    (Information Publications) DOE/OPA
E 1.26:    Conservation and Solar Applications DOE/CS
E 1.27:    Annual Report to the President and Congress on the State of Energy Conservation Program 1976-
E 1.28:    Contractor Research and Development Reports
E 1.28/15:    Annual Water Quality Data Report
E 1.28/16:    Ecological Monitoring Program at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: Annual Report
E 1.28/17:    Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review
E 1.28/18:    Science & Technology in Review
E 1.28/19:    Activity Report/National Synchrotron Light Source
E 1.29/2:    Energy Consumer
E 1.29:    Consumer Briefing Summary
E 1.30:    Resource Applications RA-
E 1.31:    Coal, Quarterly Reports: Gasification
E 1.31/2:    Coal, Quarterly Reports: Power and Combustion
E 1.31/3:    Coal, Quarterly Reports: Liquefaction
E 1.31/4:    Coal, Quarterly Reports: Demonstration Plants
E 1.32:    Administration, DOE/AD
E 1.33:    Intergovernment and Institutional Relations IR-
E 1.33:0049    Employment in Nuclear Energy Activities, A Highlights Report
E 1.33/2:    DOE/CA-
E 1.33/2:10879-01    Consumer Energy Atlas 1980
E 1.33/3:    DOE/PA- (Office of Public Affairs)
E 1.34:    Congressional Budget Request
E 1.34/2:    Congressional Budget Request, U.S. Department of the Interior
E 1.34/3:    Congressional Budget Request, U.S. Department of Justice
E 1.34/4:    Congressional Budget Request, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
E 1.35:    Controller CR-
E 1.35/2-8:    E-Digest
E 1.35/2:    DOE/MA- (Management Assessment)
E 1.35/2-2:    Budget Highlights
E 1.35/2-3:    Listing of Awardee Names, Active Awards
E 1.35/2-4:    Department of Energy Audit Resolution, Followup, and Internal Control Review Activity
E 1.35/2-7:    Directory of Awardee Names
E 1.35/4:    Annual Procurement and Financial Assistance Report
E 1.36:    Environmental Development Plan DOE/EDP-
E 1.36/2:    Uranium Enrichment Annual Report
E 1.38:    Solar Energy Research and Development Report
E 1.38/2:    Solar Thermal Power Systems, Annual Technical Progress Report
E 1.38/2-2:    Solar Thermal Power Systems: Program Summary
E 1.38/3:    Science Activities in Energy
E 1.38/4:    Solar Law Reporter 1979-1982
E 1.38/4:(date)    Wind Energy Program Overview
E 1.38/5:    Wind Power Today
E 1.39:    Voluntary Business Energy Conservation Program, Progress Reports
E 1.39/2:    Small Business Report to Congress for Fiscal Year
E 1.40:    Annual Procurement Operations Report 1977-
E 1.41:    U.S. Central Station Nuclear Electric Generating Units, Significant Milestones
E 1.42:    Annual Report of Radiation Exposures for DOE and DOE Contractor Employees 1968-
E 1.43:    Translation Series DOE-TR-
E 1.44:    Radiobiology
E 1.45:    Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Program, EHV/Quarterly Report -1981
E 1.45/2:    Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Program, Annual Report to Congress
E 1.46:    Administrative Services DOE/OAS-
E 1.47:    Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Program, Annual Report
E 1.49:    Procurement and Contracts Management DOE/PR-
E 1.50:    Energy Management in the Federal Government 1977-
E 1.50/2:    Annual Report on In-House Energy Management
E 1.51:    National Uranium Resource Evaluation: Annual Activity Report
E 1.52:    Energy Materials Coordinating Committee: Annual Technical Report 1978-
E 1.53:    Science and Technology Review
E 1.53/2:    LBL (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory) Research Review 1976-
E 1.53/5:    Breakthroughs: Science, Technology, Innovation
E 1.54:    DoE This Month 1978-
E 1.55:    Energy Information Data Base: Subject Thesaurus
E 1.56:    Coal Conversion Systems Technical Data Book
E 1.57:    Factsheets
E 1.59:    Report to Congress on the Economic Impact of Energy Actions as Required by Public Law 93-275, Section 18(d)
E 1.60:    Office of the Secretary DOE/S-
E 1.60:0010    Secretary's Annual Report to Congress, Posture Statement, Outlook and Program Review
E 1.61:    Energy History Report
E 1.62:    National Energy Plan
E 1.63:    Weekly Petroleum Status Report
E 1.64:    Alloy Development for Irradiation Performance
E 1.65:    Damage Analysis and Fundamental Studies
E 1.67/2:    DoE Feature NF-
E 1.68:    Nuclear Energy DOE/NE
E 1.68/2-11:    OCRWM Bulletin Compilation and Index
E 1.68/2-8:    Site Characterization Progress Report. Yucca Mountain, Nevada
E 1.68/2:    DOE/RW- (Radioactive Waste)
E 1.68/2-2:    OCRWM (Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management) Bulletin
E 1.68/2-4:    OCRWM Publications Catalog
E 1.68/2-5:    Implementation Plan for Development of Federal Interim Storage Facilities for Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel
E 1.68/2-6:    Quarterly Report on Program Cost and Schedule
E 1.68/2-7:    Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Annual Report to Congress
E 1.68/3:    DOE/NS
E 1.68/4:    DOE/NP (Office of New Production Reactors)
E 1.68/5:    DOE-NE-STD (Nuclear Safety Policy Standards)
E 1.71:    DOE/GC- (Office of General Counsel)
E 1.76:    Small-Scale Appropriate Energy Technology Grants Program
E 1.77:    DOE/SR-
E 1.79:    Fuel Economy News 1980- 

Department of Energy (1977- ) pt.2

E 1.80:    DOE/AF- (Alcohol Fuels Programs)
E 1.80/2:    Alcohol Fuels Program Technical Review
E 1.81:    DOE/PE (Policy and Evaluation)
E 1.82:    DOE/IA
E 1.83:    Solar Thermal Report
E 1.84:    DOE/FE
E 1.84/8:    Natural Gas Imports and Exports
E 1.84/2:    Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves, Annual Report of Operations
E 1.84/3:    Fossil Energy Review
E 1.84/4:    Clean Coal Today
E 1.84/5:    Clean Coal Technology: Tropical Report (series)
E 1.86:    Argonne National Laboratory, Division of Educational Programs: Annual Report
E 1.86/2:    Argonne News
E 1.86/3:    Logos
E 1.86/4:    Argonne National Laboratory: Research and Highlights
E 1.86/5:    Argonne Computing Newsletter
E 1.86/6:    Faculty and Student Programs
E 1.86/8:    Future Drive
E 1.86/10:    Tech Transfer Highlights
E 1.86/11:    University Currents
E 1.86/14:    TransTech
E 1.86/15:    TransForum
E 1.86/16:    APS Science
E 1.88:    WSUN (Western Solar Utilization Network)
E 1.89:    DOE/CE- (Conservation and Renewable Energy Office)
E 1.89/5:    FEMP monthly update
E 1.89/2:    Federal Energy Management Activities
E 1.89/3:    Five Year Research Plan, National Photovoltaics Program
E 1.89/4:    FEMP Focus
E 1.90:    DOE/EP- (Emergency Preparedness)
E 1.90/9:    Fact Sheets on Fossil Energy Projects
E 1.90/10:    Technology Fact Sheets
E 1.90/11:    Journal of Energy & Environmental Research
E 1.90/2:    Strategic Petroleum Reserve Quarterly Report
E 1.90/3:    DOE/EM
E 1.90/6:    EM Progress
E 1.90/7:    EM State Fact Sheets
E 1.90/8:    Project Facts Sheets
E 1.92:    Fermilab Research Program Workbook
E 1.92/3:    Symmetry: dimensions of particle physics
E 1.92/2:    Fermilab Reports
E 1.93:    Nuclear Safety 1959-
E 1.95:    Southeastern Power Administration: Annual Report
E 1.95/2:    Southwestern Power Administration: Annual Report
E 1.96:    Los Alamos Science
E 1.96/2:    Los Alamos Laboratory: Research Highlights
E 1.97:    Liquid Fossil Fuel Technology, DOE/ BETC/ QPR-
E 1.98:    NBL Certified Reference Materials Catalog
E 1.99/2:    Contracts for Field Projects & Supporting Research on...
E 1.99/3:    Human Genome News
E 1.99/5:    Biofuels Update
E 1.99/7:    Inertial Confinement Fusion Quarterly Report
E 1.99/7-2:    Inertial Confinement Fusion, ICF Annual Report
E 1.99/8:    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearing House...
E 1.99/13:    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, ClearingHouse
E 1.100:    Information Bulletin NT
E 1.101:    DOE/CP
E 1.104:    DOE/OR- (Office of Conservation on Renewable Energy)
E 1.105:    Reactor Plant Fiscal Year End Review
E 1.106:    Research Areas
E 1.107:    Research Summary
E 1.108:    National Photovoltaics Program Review
E 1.109:    R & D Technology Transfer, an Overview
E 1.110:    Pacific Basin Consortium for Hazardous Waste Research Newsletter
E 1.111:    Electronic Products
E 1.112:    PETC Review
E 1.113:    Beam Line
E 1.114/2:    Federal Alternative and Fuel Program, Annual Report to Congress
E 1.114/4:    Alternative Fuel News
E 1.116:    DOE/OC
E 1.117:    DOE/SA
E 1.118:    DOE/PO
E 1.119:    Current Awareness Buildings Energy Technology DOE/BET
E 1.120:    DOE/EE
E 1.120/2:    Partner Update
E 1.121:    DOE/HR
E 1.122:    DOE/BU
E 1.122/2:    Forecast Contracting and Subcontracting Opportunities
E 1.123:    DOE/RL
E 1.125:    DOE/FM
E 1.128:    OTT Times
E 1.133:    Report of Investigations
E 1.134:    Inforum
E 1.135:    Transportation Safety Regulatory Bulletin
E 1.136:    Office of Inspector General Public Reports
E 1.137/3:    Graylit Network
E 1.137/4:    Energy Citations Database
E 1.137:    DOE Information Bridge
E 1.138:    Office of Industrial Technologies, Reports
E 1.139:    CMC Monitor / Cooperative Monitoring Center
E 1.140/2:    E-Bulletin
E 1.140/3:    Energy Matters (OIT Newsletter)
E 1.141:    State Renewable Energy News
E 1.142:    Federal R & D Project Summaries
E 1.143:    Report on Inadvertent Releases of Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data under Executive Order 12958 that Occurred before October 17, 1998
E 1.146/2:    ORNL Reporter
E 1.146/3:    Lab notes
E 1.147:    Strategic Plan
E 1.150:    DOE Procurement and Assistance Data System (PADS) Online
E 1.151:    Research Programs, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering
E 1.153:    Annual site environmental report
E 1.154/2:    Annual merit review proceedings
E 1.154:    Annual merit review and peer evaluation report 

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (1977- )

E 2.1:    Annual Report
E 2.1/2:    Annual Preformance Report for Fiscal Year…
E 2.1/3:    Annual Freedom of Information Act report FY…
E 2.1/4:    Fiscal year ... annual financial report
E 2.2:    General Publications
E 2.6:    Rules, Regulations, and Instructions
E 2.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 2.9:    FERC News 1977-
E 2.9/2:    FERC News
E 2.11:    Environmental Impact Statements FERC/EIS
E 2.11/2:    Draft Environmental Impact Statements FERC/DEIS-
E 2.11/3:    Environmental Impact Statements
E 2.12:    DOE/FERC- 1978-
E 2.12:0030    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Producer Manual
E 2.12/2:    Telephone Directory
E 2.12/3:    The Qualifying Facilities Report
E 2.13:    Staff Report of Monthly Report Cost and Quality of Fuels for Electric Utility Plants
E 2.15:    Maps and Charts
E 2.17:    Federal Energy Guidelines: FERC Reports
E 2.18:    Federal Energy Guidelines: Statutes and Regulations
E 2.18/2:    FERC Statutes and Regulations, Regulations Preambles
E 2.18/3:    FERC Statutes and Regulations, Proposed Regulations
E 2.19:    Monitor
E 2.23:    Staff Discussion Paper
E 2.23/2:    Paper No. DPR
E 2.25:    The Chronicle
E 2.26:    Alphabetical List of Projects and Alphabetical List of Owners Projects Licensed, Exempted, and Applications Pending 

Energy Information Administration (1977- )

E 3.1:    Annual Report 1977-
E 3.1/2:    Annual Energy Review
E 3.1/3:    Synopsis of the Annual Energy Review and Outlook
E 3.1/4:    Annual Energy Outlook, With Projections to (year)
E 3.1/4-2:    Comparison of Annual Energy Outlook, Forecasts With Other Forecasts, Supplement to the Annual Energy Outlook
E 3.1/4-3:    Assumptions for the Annual Energy Outlook
E 3.1/5:    Personal Computer-Annual Energy Outlook
E 3.1/a:    Annual Energy Balance
E 3.1/a-2:    Annual Energy Summary
E 3.2:    General Publications
E 3.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 3.9:    Monthly Energy Review
E 3.9/2:    Monthly Energy Review Database
E 3.11:    Natural Gas
E 3.11/2-2:    Natural Gas Annual
E 3.11/2-12:    Natural Gas Weekly Market Update
E 3.11/2-9:    Underground Natural Gas Storage in the United States, (date) Heating Year
E 3.11/4:    Weekly Coal Production
E 3.11/5:    Petroleum Supply Monthly
E 3.11/5-2:    Petroleum Statement
E 3.11/5-3:    International Petroleum Annual
E 3.11/5-4:    Petroleum Refineries in the United States and U.S. Territories
E 3.11/5-5:    Petroleum Supply Annual
E 3.11/5-6:    International Petroleum Statistics Report
E 3.11/6:    District V Petroleum Statement
E 3.11/7:    Coal Distribution
E 3.11/7-3:    Coal Industry Annual
E 3.11/7-7:    Coal Data, A Reference
E 3.11/7-8:    Annual Outlook for U.S. Coal
E 3.11/7-9:    Annual Prospects for World Coal Trade
E 3.11/7-10:    Annual Outlook for Oil and Gas
E 3.11/7-11:    EIA Personal Computer Products, International Coal Statistics Database
E 3.11/8:    Availability of Heavy Fuel Oils by Sulfur Level
E 3.11/9:    Quarterly Coal Report
E 3.11/9-2:    Coke and Coal Chemicals
E 3.11/9-3:    Coal news and markets report
E 3.11/11-2:    Prices and margins of No. 2 Distillate Fuel Oil -1983
E 3.11/11-3:    Fuel Oil and Kerosene Sales
E 3.11/11-4:    Fuel Oil and Kerosene Sales
E 3.11/12:    Crude Oil and Product Pipelines
E 3.11/14:    Main Line Natural Gas Sales to Industrial Users
E 3.11/15:    Cost and Quality of Fuels
E 3.11/15-2:    Cost and Quality of Fuels for Electric Utility Plants
E 3.11/17-10:    Electric Power Annual
E 3.11/17-11:    Electric Power Quarterly
E 3.11/17-12:    Electric Trade in the United States
E 3.11/17-13:    Monthly Power Plant Report
E 3.11/17-14:    Monthly Electric Utility Sales and Revenue Report With State Distributions
E 3.11/17-7:    Power Production, Generating Capacity
E 3.11/17-8:    Electric Power Monthly
E 3.11/17-9:    Electric Energy and Peak Load Data
E 3.11/20:    International Energy
E 3.11/20-2:    International Energy Prices
E 3.11/20-3:    International Energy Outlook (year) With Projections to (year)
E 3.11/20-4:    International Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Activities
E 3.11/20-5:    WEPS (World Energy Projection System)
E 3.12:    Monthly Petroleum Statistics Report 1975-
E 3.13/2:    Petroleum Market Shares, Report on Sales of Retail Gasoline
E 3.13/4:    Petroleum Marketing Monthly 1983-
E 3.13/4-2:    Petroleum Marketing
E 3.13/5:    Distillate Watch
E 3.13/6:    Motor Gasoline Watch
E 3.13/7:    Propane Watch
E 3.13/8:    On-Highway Diesel Prices
E 3.13/9:    Retail Gasoline Prices
E 3.13:    Petroleum Market Shares, Report on Sales of Refined Petroleum Products
E 3.14:    National Electric Rate Book
E 3.15:    Energy Information, Report to Congress -1982
E 3.16:    All Electric Homes, Annual Bills
E 3.17:    Steam-Electric Plant Construction Cost and Annual Production Expenses
E 3.17/2:    Gas Turbine ELectric Plant Construction Cost and Annual Production Expenses
E 3.17/3:    Hydroelectric Plant Construction Cost and Annual Production Expenses
E 3.17/4:    Thermal-Electric Plant Construction Cost and Annual Production Expenses
E 3.17/4-2:    Electric Plant Cost and Power Production Expenses
E 3.17/5:    Survey of Nuclear Power Plant Construction Costs
E 3.17/6:    Nuclear Power Plant Construction Activity
E 3.18:    Electric Power Statistics
E 3.18/2:    Statistics of Privately Owned Electric Utilities in the United States
E 3.18/3:    Statistics of Publicly Owned Electric Utilities in the United States
E 3.18/4:    Financial Statistics of Selected Electric Utilities
E 3.18/4-2:    Financial Statistics of Major U.S. Investor-Owned Electric Utilities
E 3.18/4-3:    Financial Statistics of Major Publicly Owned Electric Utilities
E 3.19:    Solar Collector Manufacturing Activity and Applications in the Residential Sector
E 3.19/2:    Solar Collector Manufacturing Activity
E 3.19/2-2:    Renewable Energy: Issues and Trends
E 3.21:    Maps and Charts
E 3.22:    Electric Sales and Revenue DOE/EIA-540
E 3.24:    Monthly Petroleum Product Price Report -1983
E 3.25:    Statistics of Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Companies
E 3.25/2:    Domestic Natural Gas reserves and Production Dedicated to Interstate Pipeline Companies
E 3.25/3:    U.S. Imports and Exports of Natural Gas
E 3.26:    Technical Memorandums TM-
E 3.26/2:    Analysis Memorandum AM-
E 3.26/3:    Technical Report
E 3.26/4:    Analysis Report
E 3.26/5:    Service reports 1979-
E 3.26/6:    Model Documentation Reports
E 3.26/7:    DOE/EIA/CR-
E 3.27:    EIA Publications Directory
E 3.27/3:    Recent Products of Applied Analysis
E 3.27/4:    EIA Publications, New Releases
E 3.27/5:    EIA Data Index
E 3.27/6:    Energy Education Resources, Kindergarten Through 12th Grade
E 3.27/7:    EIA Directory of Electronic Products
E 3.29:    Inventory of Power Plants in the United States
E 3.29/2:    Inventory of Nonutility Electric Power Plants in the United States
E 3.30:    Foreign Energy Supply Assessment Program Series 1979-
E 3.31:    Short-Term Energy Outlook
E 3.32:    Weekly Petroleum Status Report
E 3.32/2:    Weekly Oil Update -1983
E 3.32/3:    Winter Fuels Report
E 3.32/4:    Energy Situation Analysis Report
E 3.33:    Energy Information Directory
E 3.34:    U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Reserves, Annual Report
E 3.34/2:    Oil and Gas Field Code Master List
E 3.34/3:    Crude Oil Watch
E 3.35:    Buyer/Seller Codes Authorized for Reporting to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
E 3.37:    Performance Profiles of Major Energy Producers
E 3.38:    Natural Gas Production and Consumption
E 3.39:    Energy Data Contracts Finder
E 3.42:    State Energy Data Reports
E 3.42/6:    Residential Energy Consumption Survey
E 3.42/2:    State Energy Review
E 3.42/3:    State Energy Price and Expenditure Report
E 3.42/4:    State Energy Price and Expenditure Data System
E 3.42/5:    State Energy Data System
E 3.43:    Residential Energy Consumption Survey
E 3.43/2:    Commercial Buildings Characteristics
E 3.43/2-2:    Energy Consumption Survey: Commercial Buildings Consumption and Expenditures
E 3.43/2-3:    Nonresidential Buildings Energy Consumption Survey
E 3.43/2-4:    Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey
E 3.43/3:    Residential Energy Consumption Survey: Housing Characteristics
E 3.43/4:    Residential Energy Consumption Survey: Consumption and Expenditures
E 3.43/5:    Residential Buildings Energy Consumption Survey
E 3.44:    Indexes and Estimates of Domestic Well Drilling Costs
E 3.44/2:    Costs and Indexes for Domestic Oil and Gas Field Equipment and Production Operations
E 3.45:    Directory of Energy Data Collection Forms
E 3.46/2:    Survey of United States Uranium Marketing Activity
E 3.46/3:    Domestic Uranium Mining and Milling Industry, (year) Viability Assessment
E 3.46/3-2:    Oak Ridge Uranium Market Model
E 3.46/4:    World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Requirements
E 3.46/5:    Uranium Industry
E 3.46/5-2:    Uranium Purchases Report
E 3.46:    Survey of U.S. Uranium Exploration Activity
E 3.47:    Energy Conservation Indicators, Annual Report
E 3.48:    Directory of Energy Information Administration Model Abstracts
E 3.49:    Energy Facts
E 3.50:    Annual Outlook for U.S. Electric Power
E 3.51:    Commercial Nuclear Power, Prospects for the United States and the World
E 3.51/2:    World Integrated Nuclear Evaluation System
E 3.52:    Profiles of Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. Energy
E 3.54:    Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey: Consumption of Energy
E 3.54/2:    Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey: Changes in Energy Efficiency
E 3.54/3:    Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey: Fuel Switching
E 3.55:    Oil Market Simulation Model
E 3.56:    U.S. Energy Industry Financial Developments
E 3.57:    Technical Report TR
E 3.58:    Estimates of U.S. Biomass Energy Consumption
E 3.59:    Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States
E 3.59/2:    Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases
E 3.59/3:    The Greenhouse Gas Volunteer: The Newsletter of the Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Program
E 3.60:    Energy Infodisc
E 3.62:    Energy Information Administration (EIA) Survey Forms 

Economic Regulatory Administration (1977- )

E 4.2:    General Publications
E 4.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 4.10:    DOE/ERA-
E 4.11:    DOE/RG 

Bonneville Power Administration (1977- )

E 5.1:    Annual Report
E 5.1/2:    Quarterly Financial Report
E 5.2:    General Publications
E 5.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 5.10/2:    Research and Development Report
E 5.11:    Fish and Wildlife Annual Project Summary
E 5.14:    Generation and Sales Statistics
E 5.15:    Backgrounder
E 5.16:    Office of Energy Resources Yearbook
E 5.23:    Journal
E 5.26/2:    Citizen Update (Newsletter)
E 5.26:    General Pubs
E 5.27:    Keeping current: publication of the Bonneville Power Administration 

Western Area Power Administration (1977- )

E 6.1:    Annual Report
E 6.1/3:    Statistical Appendix
E 6.1/4:    Annual Performance Plan
E 6.2:    General Publications
E 6.3/2:    Biomass Bulletin
E 6.3/2-2:    Biomass Digest
E 6.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 6.8/2:    Power System Safety Manual
E 6.9:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
E 6.10:    Maps and Charts
E 6.11:    Bio Tech Brief
E 6.11/2:    Customer Care Technical Brief 

Alaska Power Administration

E 7.2:    General Publications 

Southeastern Power Administration

E 8.1:    Southeastern Power Administration, Annual Report 

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

E 9.2:    General Publications
E 9.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
E 9.16:    Technical Reports
E 9.17:    Conference Papers
E 9.18:    Subcontractor Reports
E 9.19:540-36878    S&FP rule promotes alternative fuels to cut need for foreign oil
E 9.19:540-37333    Evaluating the safety of a natural gas home refueling appliance (HRA)
E 9.20:    Environmental report 

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

E 10.2:    General Publications
E 10.16:    EREN Network News
E 10.17:    Progress Report for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and Infrastructure Technologies Program
E 10.18:W 72    Wind Energy Benefits
E 10.18:W 72/2    Wind Energy Myths
E 10.19:
E 10.20:    National Idling Reduction Network News
E 10.21:    Fiscal Year Annual Report
E 10.22:    Annual report to Congress on federal government energy management and conservation programs
E 11.16/2-3:    EM Update
E 11.16/2-4:    Annual report ... radioactive waste shipments to and from the Nevada Test Site (NTS)
E 11.16/2-5:    Environmental monitoring report for the Nevada Test Site
E 11.16/4:    Strategic Plan
E 12.8/2:    Publication Standards Manual
E 12.15:    Netlog
E 12.16:    Fire in the Ice: methane hydrate newsletter
E 12.17:    Eye on Environment
E 12.18:    The carbon sequestration newsletter
E 12.1:    National Energy Technology Laboratory accomplishments FY