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Browse the Documents Stacks: D

Department of Defense (1949- )

D 1.1:    Department of Defense Annual Report
D 1.1/4:    Your Defense Budget
D 1.1/12:    Annual Report on the Military Power of the People's Republic of China
D 1.1/15:    Annual Report to Congress (DoD Chemical and Biological Defense)
D 1.1/16:    Annual industrial capabilities report to Congress
D 1.1/17:    Annual command report
D 1.1/19:    Freedom of Information Act program
D 1.1/3:    Annual Report of the Secretary of Defense on Reserve Forces
D 1.1/3-2:    Reserve Component Programs
D 1.1/5:    Annual Report of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installations)
D 1.1/6:    Report to the Congress on the Strategic Defense Initiative
D 1.1/7:    Annual Report to the Congress, Fiscal Year Executive Summary
D 1.1/7-2:    Annual Report to the Congress Fiscal Year, Installations
D 1.1/9:    DOD Inspector General Semiannual Report to Congress
D 1.2:    General Publications
D 1.2/2:    Population representation in the military services
D 1.3/2:    Defense Industry Bulletin 1965-1972
D 1.3/3:    Security Awareness Bulletin
D 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
D 1.6/10:    DCAA Regulations
D 1.6/11:    Federal Acquisition Regulations
D 1.6/11-2:    Federal Acquisition Circular
D 1.6/11-3:    Acquisition Reform Today
D 1.6/14:    Military Career Guide, Employment and Training Opportunities in the Military
D 1.6/15:    Military Careers: A Guide to Military Occupations and Selected Military Career Paths
D 1.6/17:    Small Business Specialists
D 1.6/18:    Department of Defense Military Commission Order
D 1.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 1.6/2-2:    Dependents Schools Manuals
D 1.6/2-3:    Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services
D 1.6/2-5:    Soc Guide
D 1.6/4:    Joint Federal Travel Regulations: Volume 1, Members of Uniformed Services
D 1.6/7:    Engineered Performance Standards for Real Property Maintenance Activities
D 1.6/8:    DoD Directives System Quarterly Index
D 1.6/8-2:    Department of Defense Directives
D 1.7/1:    Department of Defense Telephone Directory
D 1.10:    Armed Forces Institute Manuals
D 1.13:    Armed Services Procurement Regulation
D 1.13/2-2:    Armed Services Procurement Regulation Supplement ASPA- 1966-
D 1.13/2-3:    Armed Services Procurement Regulations Supplement HQ USAF
D 1.13/3:    Defense Acquisition Circulars
D 1.13/4:    Armed Services Procurement Manual ASPM- 1965-
D 1.15:    Manual for Courts-Martial, United States
D 1.16/4:    Armed Forces Institute of Pathology: Publications
D 1.19:    United States Court of Military Appeals and the Judge Advocates General of the Armed Forces and the General Counsel of the Department of the Treasury Annual Report 1951/52-
D 1.25:    National Security Agency Publications
D 1.25/8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 1.29:    Court-Martial Reports, Holdings and Decisions of the Judge Advocates General, Boards of Review, and United States Court of Military Appeals
D 1.31:    COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language)
D 1.33:    Bibliographies and List of Publications
D 1.33/2:    Friday Review of Defense Litereature
D 1.33/3:    Annual Department of Defense Bibliography of Logistics Studies and Related Documents
D 1.33/4:    Catalog of DIOR Reports
D 1.33/5:    Index of DCAA Numbered Publications and Memorandums
D 1.33/5-2:    Index of DCAA Memorandums for Regional Directors (MRDs)
D 1.38/2:    Defense Management Journal 1965-
D 1.41:    Profile 1957-
D 1.41/2:    Futures for the Class of
D 1.45:    Defense Management Education and Training Catalog
D 1.45/2:    ADP Training Catalog
D 1.45/3:    DISAM Catalog
D 1.46:    Defense Contract Audit Agency Pamphlets DCAAP-
D 1.46/2:    Defense Contract Audit Agency Manual DCAAM-
D 1.46/4:    Directory of DCAA Offices
D 1.46/5:    Report on Activities Defense Contract Audit Agency
D 1.48:    Procurement from Small and Other Business Firms
D 1.48/2:    Small Business Performance by Claimant Program
D 1.48/3:    Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program
D 1.48/4:    Program Soliciation Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program
D 1.51:    Military-Civilian Occupational Source Book 1975-
D 1.53:    Concepts 1976-1982
D 1.54:    Military Compensation Background Papers
D 1.55:    Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine (SSAM) 1978-1983
D 1.56:    Posters
D 1.57:    100 Companies Receiving the Largest Dollar Volume of Prime Contract Awards
D 1.57/2:    500 Contractors Receiving the Largest Dollar Volume of Prime Contracts for RDT&E Fiscal Year
D 1.57/2-2:    Top Five Contractors Receiving the Largest Dollar Volume of Prime Contract Awards in Each State
D 1.57/3:    Prime Contract Awards
D 1.57/8:    Educational and Nonprofit Institutions Receiving Prime Contract Awards for Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
D 1.57/9:    Companies Participating in the Department of Defense Subcontracting Program
D 1.57/10:    Defense Acquisition Management Data System Code Translations
D 1.58/2:    Real and Personal Property
D 1.58/4:    Atlas/Data Abstract for the United States
D 1.59:    Defense Information School: Catalog
D 1.59/2:    Catalog
D 1.59/3:    Defense Acquisition University Catalog
D 1.60:    Program Manager: The Defense Systems Management College Newsletter
D 1.61:    Military Manpower Statistics
D 1.61/2:    Civilian Manpower Statistics
D 1.61/4:    Selected Manpower Statistics Fiscal Year
D 1.61/5:    Distribution of Personnel by State and by Selected Locations
D 1.61/6:    Worldwide U.S. Active Duty Military Personnel Casualties
D 1.61/7:    Reserve Manpower Statistics
D 1.63:    Military Child Care Project
D 1.64:    Commercial Activities Inventory Report and Five-Year Review Schedule
D 1.65:    MEPCOM-
D 1.66:    Foreign Military Sales, Foreign Military Construction Sales and Military Assistance Facts
D 1.66/4:    Atlas of mean monthly temperatures
D 1.67:    Bulletin of the School of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
D 1.67/2:    Graduate Education Bulletin, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
D 1.67/3:    Student Handbook
D 1.67/4:    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
D 1.68:    Overseas Employment Opportunities for Educators
D 1.69:    U.S. Government's Preferred Products List
D 1.69/2:    Information Systems Security Products and Services Catalogue
D 1.71:    Headstart
D 1.73:    Defense Small Business Innovation Research Program
D 1.74:    Military Forces in Transition
D 1.76:    Index of Specifications and Standards
D 1.79:    Computer Security Center CSC- EPL-
D 1.79/2:    National Computer Security Center NCSC- WA-
D 1.79/3:    CSC-STD
D 1.79/4:    NCSC-TG
D 1.80:    Federal Voting Assistance Program
D 1.81:    Department of Defense Program for Research and Development
D 1.82:    Champus Chartbook of Statistics
D 1.83:    Technical Information Memorandum
D 1.84:    Federal Radionavigation Plan
D 1.85:    Congressional Presentation for Security Assistance Programs, Fiscal Year
D 1.86:    The DISAM Journal of International Security Assistance Management
D 1.88:    Standardization and Data Management Newsletter
D 1.90:    Military Women in the Department of Defense
D 1.91:    The Department of Defense Critical Technologies Plan for the Committees on Armed Service, United States Congress
D 1.91/2:    Technology Applications Report
D 1.92:    IACC
D 1.94:    Strategic and Critical Materials Report to the Congress
D 1.95:    Electronic Products
D 1.95/2:    Defense Acquisition Deskbook
D 1.95/3:    Unclassified DOD Issuances on CD-ROM
D 1.95/4:    DoD Issuances and Directives
D 1.95/5:    Gulfnews: A Bi-Monthly Newsletter Serving the Interests of Gulf War Veterans
D 1.96:    Voting Information News
D 1.97:    Defense Environmental Restoration Program: Annual Report to Congress
D 1.97/2:    Annual Report and Strategic Investment Plan
D 1.98:    United States Special Operations Forces Posture Statement
D 1.101:    Annual Statement of Assurance
D 1.101/2:    Performance and Acountability Report
D 1.103:    Acquisition Review Quarterly: Journal of the Defense Acquisition University
D 1.104/3:    Military Personnel Update
D 1.105:    Applied Language and Learning
D 1.105/2:    Dantes Information Bulletin
D 1.106:    High Performance Computing Modernization Plan
D 1.107:    Defense Science General Publications
D 1.107/2:    DSB Newsletter
D 1.108:    BMDO Update Newsletter
D 1.109:    Journal of Special Operations Medicine
D 1.110:    Chem-Bio Defense Quarterly
D 1.111/2:    Marshall Center Papers
D 1.111:    George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies (General Publications)
D 1.113/2:    Asia Pacific Security Study Series
D 1.115:    Communicator
D 1.116:    Asia-Pacific defense FORUM 

American Forces Information Service (1977- )

D 2.7:    Armed Forces Talk
D 2.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides (Pocket Guides to (country))
D 2.13:    Know Your Communist Enemy Series
D 2.14:    DoD Pamphlets
D 2.15:    For Commanders, This Changing World
D 2.15/2:    Commanders Digest 1965-1978
D 2.15/3:    Defense 1978-
D 2.15/4:    Defense Issues
D 2.16:    Alert
D 2.17:    Defense Information Guidance Series: Monthly Bulletin of Policies and Programs of Interest to DoD Personnel
D 2.19/8:    Current News, The Friday Review 

Publications Relating to Industrial Mobilization and Security (1953- )

D 3.6/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides Relating to Industrial Mobilization and Security
D 3.8:    Munitions Board Manuals
D 3.9:    ANC Bulletins and Documents 

Publications Relating to Research and Development (1953- )

D 4.2:    General Publications
D 4.12:    Shock and Vibration Bulletin
D 4.12/2:    Shock and Vibration Digest 

Joint Chiefs of Staff (1949- )

D 5.2:    General Publications
D 5.8/2:    CJCS Guide to the Chairman's Readiness System
D 5.9/2:    National Security Seminar Presentation Outlines and Reading List 1948-
D 5.9/3:    National Security Management
D 5.9/4:    Monograph Series
D 5.10/3:    Monographs R1- 1944-
D 5.11:    Industrial College of the Armed Forces Catalog 1946/47-
D 5.12:    Joint Publications 1959-
D 5.12:1    Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
D 5.12/2:    Joint Chiefs of Staff
D 5.12/3:    Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
D 5.13:    Industrial College of the Armed Forces: Publications
D 5.14/2:    DASIAC Special Reports / Defense Atomic Support Agency, Information and Analysis Center
D 5.16:    Industrial College of the Armed Forces: Perspectives in Defense Management
D 5.18:    Addresses
D 5.19:    United States Military Posture for FY
D 5.20:    Joint Force Quarterly
D 5.21:    Joint Electronic Library
D 5.22:    Electronic Products 

Defense Information Systems Agency (1960- )

D 5.102:    General Publications
D 5.111:    Defense Communications System Global, Automatic Voice Network Telephone Directory 

Defense Intelligence Agency (1961- )

D 5.202:    General Publications
D 5.208/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 5.209:    Review of the Soviet Ground Forces RSGF 1-77-
D 5.210:    Defense Intelligence School: Academic Catalog
D 5.211:    Bibliography of Soviet Laser Developments
D 5.211/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

National Imagery and Mapping Agency (1972- )

D 5.301:    Annual Report
D 5.302:    General Publications
D 5.308:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 5.317:    Hydrographic/Topographic Center: Publications
D 5.317/2:    Hydrographic/Topographic Center Publications
D 5.317:9    American Practical Navigator 1975
D 5.319:    Gazetteers
D 5.350:    Coastal Charts (4000)
D 5.352:    Catalog and Course Descriptions of the Defense Mapping School
D 5.352/2:    Student Texts ST-
D 5.356:    Charts
D 5.358:    Digital Chart of the World (DCW)
D 5.359:    Navigator
D 5.360:    Electronic Products 

National Defense University (1977- )

D 5.401:    Annual Report
D 5.402:    General Publications
D 5.408:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 5.408/2:    Joint Staff Officer's Guide
D 5.409:    National Security Affairs Monographs
D 5.409/2:    National Security Affairs Issue Papers
D 5.410:    National Security Management
D 5.411:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
D 5.411/2:    NDU Research Abstracts 1984-
D 5.411/3:    For Your Information, New Acquisitions
D 5.412:    Proceedings of the National Security Affairs Conference
D 5.413:    National Security Essay Series
D 5.413/2:    Armed Forces Staff College Essays on Command Issues
D 5.413/3:    Essays 1998-
D 5.414:    National Defense University Catalogue
D 5.414/2:    DoD Computer Institute: NDU-DODCI Course Catalog
D 5.414/3:    DoD Computer Institute: Course Information
D 5.415:    National War College Strategic Studies
D 5.416:    McNair Papers
D 5.417:    Strategic Forum
D 5.417/2:    Institute for National Strategic Studies: General Publications
D 5.418:    Workshop
D 5.419:    Security and Defense Studies Review: Interdisciplinary Journal of the Center for Hemispheric Studies
D 5.420:    Defense Horizons
D 5.422:    ICAF Industry Studies 

Defense Logistics Agency (1977- )

D 7.1:    Reports
D 7.1/6-2:    Fact Book, Defense Fuel Supply Center
D 7.2:    General Publications
D 7.6/2:    Cataloging Handbooks
D 7.6/4:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 7.6/4-2:    Standardization of Work Measurement
D 7.6/5:    Defense Logistics Procurement Regulations
D 7.6/12:    DoD Activity Address Directory
D 7.6/20:    Customer Assistance Handbook
D 7.10:    Military Standards MIL-STD-
D 7.14:    Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards
D 7.14/2:    Federal Supply Classification Listing of DOD Standardization Documents
D 7.15/2:    Technical Reports DTIC/TR-
D 7.16/2:    Region Index of Publications, Forms and Form Letters
D 7.20/2:    Consolidated Master Cross Reference List (Microfiche Edition)
D 7.20/3:    Master Cross Reference List, Marine Corps MCRL
D 7.22:    DCAS Manufacturing Cost Control Digest 1975-
D 7.24:    DFSC (Defense Fuel Supply Center) Fuel Line
D 7.24/2:    Avfuel & Avoil into Plane Contract Listing
D 7.30:    Not For Women Only
D 7.32:    Hazardous Materials Information System
D 7.32/2-2:    HMTC Abstract Bulletin
D 7.32/3:    HTIS Bulletin
D 7.33:    Introduction to Federal Supply Catalogs and Related Publications
D 7.34:    Sealed Bid/Invitation for Bids
D 7.35:    Environmental Impact Statements
D 7.36:    DOD Interchangeability and Substitutability, Parts I & II
D 7.37:    DOD Medical Catalog
D 7.40:    TQM Quarterly
D 7.41:    DLAPS (Defense Logistics Agency Publishing System) Publications
D 7.41/2:    Form Flow 

Defense Technical Information Center (1969- )

D 10.2:    General Publications
D 10.7/2:    DTICH
D 10.11:    DTIC Digest
D 10.11/2:    The DTIC Review
D 10.12:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
D 10.13:    MCT, Militarily Critical Technologies 

National Guard Bureau (1958- )

D 12.1:    Annual Reports
D 12.1/2:    District of Columbia National Guard: Annual Report
D 12.1/3:    Utah National Guard, Annual Report
D 12.2:    General Publications
D 12.6:    Regulations
D 12.8:    Pamphlets
D 12.8/2:    Technical Personnel Pamphlets
D 12.9:    Official Army National Guard Register
D 12.10:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 12.10/2:    NGB Manuals
D 12.14:    Posters
D 12.15:    Fact Sheets
D 12.16:    Education Service Plan, Wisconsin National Guard
D 12.20:    Army National Guard Lineage Series
D 12.22:    Electronic Products
D 12.23/2:    Ocean state guardian
D 12.23:    Guard Me 

Office of Civil Defense (1961-1964)

D 13.1:    Annual Report
D 13.1/2:    Annual Statistical Report
D 13.2:    General Publications
D 13.8/3:    Handbook H
D 13.8/7:    Instructor's Guide IG
D 13.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides
D 13.9:    Miscellaneous Publications MP 

Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (1972-1979)

D 14.2:    General Publications
D 14.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 14.8/2:    Student Manual SM-
D 14.8/3:    Handbooks H-
D 14.8/4:    Instructor's Guides IG-
D 14.8/6:    CPG
D 14.9:    Technical Reports TR1-
D 14.10:    Miscellaneous Publications MP-
D 14.11:    HS (Home Study) 1971-
D 14.12:    Leaflets L-
D 14.14:    Foresight, Civil Preparedness Today 1974-
D 14.17:    Research Studies RS- 

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (1959- )

D 15.1/2:    Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute: Annual Research Report, AFRRL ARR-
D 15.2    General Publications
D 15.2/2:    Proceedings of the ... Interdisciplinary Conference on Selected Effects of a General War
D 15.9:    Fact Sheets
D 15.9/2:    DTRA Threat Reduction Literature
D 15.10:    U.S. Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Tests, Nuclear Test Personnel Review
D 15.12:    Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute: Scientific Reports, AFRRI SR-
D 15.12/2:    Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute: Technical Reports, AFRRI TR-
D 15.12/3:    Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute: Reports, AFRRI-R-
D 15.12/4:    AFRRI-CR-
D 15.13:    Technical Reports, DNA-TR-
D 15.15:    Posters 

Department of the Army (1949- )

D 101.1:    Annual Report
D 101.1/2:    Report of the Chief of Staff of the United States Army
D 101.1/3:    Annual Historical Review, United States Army Soldier Support Center
D 101.1/4:    AMC Laboratories and Research, Development and Engineering Centers, Technical Accomplishments
D 101.1/4-2:    U.S. Army Materiel Command, Annual Historical Review
D 101.1/5:    Annual Historical Review, Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command (AMCCOM)
D 101.1/7:    Annual Report (U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences)
D 101.1/7-2:    Basic Research in Behavioral and Social Sciences: U.S. Army Research Institute Annual Report
D 101.1/11:    Army Research Laboratory, Annual Review
D 101.1/11-2:    Army Research Laboratory Strategic Plan for Fiscal Year
D 101.1/12:    Army Reserve Forces Policy Committee, Annual Report
D 101.1/13:    Annual Report of the Secretary of the Army on Civil Works Activities
D 101.1/14:    Army Focus
D 101.1/15:    Progress Report USAISC
D 101.1/16:    Army Technology
D 101.1/17:    Department of the Army Fiscal Year Annual Financial Report
D 101.1/18:    U.S. Army (Small Business Inovation Research) Commercialization
D 101.1/19:    Army Science and Technology Master Plan
D 101.1/21:    A statement on the posture of the United States Army
D 101.2:    General Publications
D 101.2/2:    Chinese army building in the era of Jiang Zemin
D 101.2/6:    Churchill, the making of a grand strategist
D 101.2/9:    Strategic Studies Institute Publications
D 101.3/6-2:    Manprint
D 101.4:    Circulars
D 101.4/3:    Second Army, 2A Circulars
D 101.6/5:    Handbooks, Manulas, Guides
D 101.6/6:    Area Handbooks
D 101.6/8:    AMCCOM Handbooks
D 101.6/9:    QMS-
D 101.6/10:    Belvior Research, Development, and Engineering Center: Handbooks
D 101.6/11:    U.S. Army Pocket Recruiting Guide
D 101.9:    Army Regulations AR-
D 101.11:    Technical Manuals TM-
D 101.12/2:    Soldier Support Journal
D 101.12:    Soldiers
D 101.15:    Supply Bulletins
D 101.16/3:    Consolidated Publication of Component Lists
D 101.20:    Field Manuals FM-
D 101.20/3:    Army Trainer
D 101.22:    Pamphlets
D 101.22:25-30/    Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Forms
D 101.22:27    Judge Advocate Legal Service
D 101.22:27-100    Military Law Review
D 101.22:27-50    Army Lawyer 1971-
D 101.22/3:    DARCOM Pamphlets
D 101.22/6:    MTMC Pamphlets
D 101.22/7:    U.S. Army Recruiting Command Pamphlets, USAREC PAM-
D 101.22/12:    AMCCOMP- series (Army Armament, Munitions, and Chemical Command)
D 101.22/14:    USAADASCH PAM- series (United States Army Air Defense Artillery School)
D 101.22/18:    Fort Jackson Pamphlets
D 101.22/19:    AHS Pamphlets (Academy of Health Sciences)
D 101.22:210-1    United States Army Installations and Major Activities in Continental U.S.
D 101.22/24:    Laboratory Command: Pamphlets, LABCOM-P
D 101.22/25-2:    News From the Front!
D 101.22/31:    Army ROTC Pamphlets
D 101.22/32:    Army Lawyer
D 101.22:360    Commanders Call
D 101.22:550    (Area and Country Bibliographic Surveys); U.S. Area Handbook for (Country)
D 101.22:600    The Army Health Promotion Program, Fit to Win
D 101.22/3:310-1/    Military Publications: Index of AMC Publications and Blank Forms
D 101.22/6:    MTMC Pamphlets
D 101.22/7:    U.S. Army Recruiting Command Pamphlets, USAREC PAM-
D 101.22/12:    AMCCOMP- (Army Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command)
D 101.22/14:    USAADASCH PAM
D 101.22/18:    Fort Jackson Pamphlets
D 101.22/24:    Laboratory Command: Pamphlets, LABCOM- P-
D 101.22/31:    Army ROTC
D 101.24:    Training Circulars
D 101.25:    Technical Bulletins
D 101.29:    Modification Work Orders
D 101.42/3:    Medical Bulletin
D 101.43/2:    RPI-
D 101.43:    Army Reserve Magazine
D 101.45:    Addresses
D 101.47/4:    Student Handbook
D 101.47/5:    Programmed Text, USAAVNA PT-(series) (U.S. Army Aviation Center)
D 101.47/8:    Student Package
D 101.48:    ROTC Manuals
D 101.52/2:    Army Research Task Summaries
D 101.52/3:    Army AL & T Bulletin
D 101.52/5-4:    Research in Progress: Physics, Electronics, Mathematics, Geosciences
D 101.52/5-5:    Research in Progress: Metallurgy and Materials Sciences, Mechanics and Aeronautics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences
D 101.52/6:    United States Army Human Factors Research & Development, Annual Conference
D 101.56:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
D 101.60:    Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences: Technical Papers
D 101.60/8:    Army Research Institute for the Behavioral Sciences, Study Report
D 101.60/2:    Army Research Institute for Behavioral and Social Sciences: Research Reports
D 101.60/4:    Army Research Institute for Behavioral and Social Sciences: Technical Reports
D 101.60/5:    Research Project (series) / Army Research Institute for Behavioral and Social Sciences
D 101.60/6:    Army Research Institute for Behavioral and Social Sciences: Special Reports
D 101.62:    Army Audit Agency Publications
D 101.63:    Management Improvement Program, Plowback, Improvements Reports
D 101.66/2:    Translog
D 101.66/2-2:    Translog, Defense Transportation System Bulletin
D 101.67/2:    BESRL (Behavior and Systems Research Laboratory) Work Program, Fiscal Year
D 101.69:    Army Logistician 1968-
D 101.72:    Parameters, Journal of the U.S. Army War College
D 101.74:    Vietnam Studies
D 101.77/2:    Field Artillery Journal
D 101.77:    ADA Magazine Online
D 101.78:    USA Armor School Subcourses
D 101.78/2:    Armor, The Magazine of Mobile Warfare
D 101.82:    Environmental Impact Statement
D 101.83:    Army Communications Command: Annual Report
D 101.84:    Military Intelligence
D 101.85:    Journal of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command 1977-
D 101.87:    PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly
D 101.88:    Officer Specialty
D 101.89:    Resource Management
D 101.90:    Design Guides
D 101.91:    Army Organizational Effectiveness Journal
D 101.94/2:    Defense Management Joint Course
D 101.95:    Weapon Systems
D 101.98:    Historical Review, U.S. Army Belvoir Research and Development Center
D 101.99:    CONUS Army Installations/Activities by Congressional District
D 101.100:    Chemical Research and Development Center, CRDC-SP-
D 101.101:    Diagram Booklets
D 101.103:    Army Institute for Professional Development: Subcourse ISO-
D 101.105:    Workbook
D 101.106/3:    Recruiter Journal
D 101.106/3a:    Recruiter Journal
D 101.107:    Practical Exercises
D 101.107/3:    Student Performance Guides
D 101.107/3-2:    Performance Guides
D 101.107/4:    Course Management Plan and Program of Instruction
D 101.107/5:    Reading Books
D 101.107/6:    Self-Instructional Texts
D 101.107/8:    Information Sheets
D 101.107/10:    Programmed Instruction
D 101.107/11:    Basic Electronics Training
D 101.107/12:    Information Booklets
D 101.107/13:    Equipment Manuals
D 101.107/14:    Special Text
D 101.107/15:    Progress Check Book
D 101.108:    TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command) Historical Monograph Series
D 101.108/2:    TRADOC Historical Study Series
D 101.109:    Annual Historical Review, Rock Island Arsenal
D 101.110:    Reports Control Symbol DARCOM Manufacturing Technology, RCS DRCMT-
D 101.112:    Army Intelligence Center and School
D 101.114:    Army Champlaincy
D 101.115:    Belvoir Research and Development Center: Container System Hardware Status Report
D 101.118:    Officers' Call
D 101.118/2:    Commanders' Notes
D 101.118/3:    NCO Call
D 101.118/4:    Soldiers' Scene
D 101.119:    Logistics Systems
D 101.120:    Directories
D 101.120/2:    Worldwide Public Affairs Offices Directory
D 101.120/4:    Garrison Commanders Directory
D 101.121:    Army Budget, Fiscal Year
D 101.121/2:    Fiscal Year Budget Estimates
D 101.122:    Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference Proceedings
D 101.123:    Army Families
D 101.124:    Special Warfare
D 101.125:    Countermeasure
D 101.127:    The NCO Journal
D 101.128:    The Mercury
D 101.129/3:    Military Traffic Management Command Publications
D 101.129/4:    Electronic Forms
D 101.129/5:    AMC CD-Rom Publications
D 101.129/6:    Electronic Products
D 101.130:    Environmental Compliance Assessment System (ECAS) Annual Report
D 101.132:    USAAVSCOM TN
D 101.136:    Employee Relations Bulletin
D 101.137:    TAPES Newsletter
D 101.138:    Civilian Personnel Bulletins
D 101.141:    Army Echoes
D 101.142/2:    U.S. Army journal of installation management
D 101.143:    Economic Bulletins
D 101.144:    Talon
D 101.144/2:    Command Post
D 101.144/3:    Freedom Watch
D 101.144/4:    Herald Union
D 101.144/5:    Kwajalein Hourglass
D 101.144/6:    Fort Huachuca Scout
D 101.144/8:    The Coalition Bulletin
D 101.144/9:    The Wire
D 101.144/11:    Vanguard Point
D 101.146:    Strategic Studies Institute, General Publications
D 101.146/9:    Insurgency and counterinsurgency in the 21st century
D 101.146/11:C Sustainability of Colombian military-strategic support for "democratic security"
D 101.146/11:V 55    Venezuela's Hugo Chávez, Bolivarian socialism, and asymmetric warfare
D 101.146/13:K 56    Kim Jong Il and North Korea
D 101.146/13:N 81    North Korea's strategic intentions
D 101.146/14:    Challenging transformation's clichés
D 101.146/2:    Strategic Studies Institute, Conference Report
D 101.146/2-2:    Strategic Studies Institute, Conference Brief
D 101.146/3:    Letort Papers
D 101.146/4:    Army Issue Paper
D 101.146/5:    Implementing Plan Colombia
D 101.146/6:    Strategy Conference Series
D 101.146/7:    Strategic Studies Institute, Special Report
D 101.146/8:    Studies in Asymmetry
D 101.147:    Red Thrust Star
D 101.148:    Reach
D 101.149/2:    Eagle
D 101.149:    Army Space Journal
D 101.151/2:    Milestones (Rocky Mountain Arsenal)
D 101.151:    Rocky Mountain Arsenal: Turning Vision into Action
D 101.153:    APG News 

Adjutant General's Office (1949- )

D 102.2:    General Publications
D 102.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 102.8:    Trials of War Criminals Before Nuremberg Military Tribunals
D 102.9:    Army Register 1813-
D 102.18:    Supreme Commander for Allied Powers: Japanese Economic Statistics Bulletin
D 102.20:    Supreme Commander for Allied powers: Natural Resources Section Reports
D 102.28:    Special Bibliographies
D 102.28/4:    Special Lists
D 102.81:    Access
D 102.82:    Army Club System, Annual Report
D 102.82/2:    Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation, Fiscal Year Annual Report
D 102.83:    Infantry 

Corps of Engineers (1949- )

D 103.1:    Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers, Army, on Civil Works Activities
D 103.1/2:    Waterborne Commerce of the United States
D 103.1/4:    Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers on Civil Works Activities, Extract Reports of the Lower Mississippi Valley Division and Mississippi River Commission
D 103.2    General Publications
D 103.2/2:    General Publications
D 103.4:    Circulars, EC-
D 103.6/5:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 103.8:    Port Series 1921-
D 103.10:    Transportation Series 1926-
D 103.10/2:    Waterborne Transportation Lines of the United States
D 103.11:    Miscellaneous Series
D 103.17:    St. Mays Falls Canal, Mich., Statistical Report of Lake Commerce Passing through Canals at Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., and Ontario
D 103.20/6:    ETL-(series) (Engineer Topographic Laboratories)
D 103.20/7:    Army Map Service: Army Battlefield Environment
D 103.20/8:    Army Map Service: Digital Data Digest
D 103.22:    [Engineer Reports]
D 103.22/2:    Projects Recommended for Deauthorization, Annual Report 1975-
D 103.24/2:    Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS: Technical Reports
D 103.24/4:    Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS: Miscellaneous Papers
D 103.24/7:    Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS: Instruction Reports
D 103.24/9:    Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS: Contract Reports
D 103.24/15:    Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS: Water Operations Technical Support: WOTS
D 103.33:    Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH: Technical Reports
D 103.33/2:    Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH: Special Reports
D 103.33/3:    Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH: Research Reports
D 103.33/7:    Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH: CRREL (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory) Monographs
D 103.33/12:    Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH: CRREL Reports
D 103.33/13:    Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH: Cold Regions Technical Digest
D 103.33/14:    Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH: Cold Regions Technical Digest (series)
D 103.35:    Water Resources Development by Army Corps of Engineers in (State)
D 103.35/6:    Water Resources Development in Colorado
D 103.35/20:    Water Resources Development in Maryland
D 103.35/22:    Water Resources Development in Michigan
D 103.35/26:    Water Resources Development in Montana
D 103.35/27:    Water Resources Development in Nebraska
D 103.35/28:    Water Resources Development in Nevada
D 103.35/34:    Water Resources Development in North Dakota
D 103.35/36:    Water Resources Development in Oklahoma
D 103.35/47:    Water Resources Development in Washington
D 103.35/50:    Water Resources Development in Wyoming
D 103.35/51:    Water Resources Development in District of Columbia
D 103.39:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
D 103.42:    Coastal Engineering Research Center, Washington, DC: Technical Memorandums 1964-
D 103.42/2:    Coastal Engineering Research Center, Washington, DC: Miscellaneous Papers 1954-
D 103.42/4:    Coastal Engineering Research Center, Washington, DC: Reprints, R-
D 103.42/5:    Coastal Engineering Research Center, Washington, DC: Technical Reports
D 103.42/11:    Coastal Engineering Research Center, Washington, DC: The Cercular
D 103.43:    Pamphlet EP
D 103.43/2:    Engineer Historical Studies 1981-
D 103.43/2-2:    Environmental History Series
D 103.43/4:    Studies in Military Engineering
D 103.44:    Hydraulic Laboratory: Technical Reports
D 103.47:    Flood Plain Information
D 103.47/2:    Floods in (location); How to Avoid Damage
D 103.48:    Water Spectrum 1949-1983
D 103.49/3:    Maps and Posters
D 103.53:    Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, Champaign, IL: Technical Reports
D 103.53/7:    Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, Champaign, IL: Special Reports
D 103.57:    Institute of Water Resources: IWR Contract Reports
D 103.57/3:    Institute of Water Resources: Annual Report
D 103.57/5:    Institute for Water Resources: Research Reports
D 103.57/6:    Institute of Water Resources: Miscellaneous Papers
D 103.57/8:    Institute of Water Resources: Policy Studies
D 103.57/9:    Institute of Water Resources: Working Papers
D 103.57/10:    Institute of Water Resources: IWR Proceedings
D 103.57/13:    Institute of Water Resources: Alternative Dispute resolution Series
D 103.67:    Distinguished Design Awards
D 103.68:    Report to Congress on Administration of Ocean Dumping Activities 1976-
D 103.69:    Engineers Update 1977-
D 103.70:    Environmental Harmony at (various places)
D 103.109:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: Engineer School Special Text, ST
D 103.109/2:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: Programmed Texts
D 103.115:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: Engineer
D 103.118:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: Explore
D 103.120:    U.S. Army Engineer School: Student Workbook
D 103.120/2:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: U.S. Army Engineer School: Student Handout
D 103.120/3:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: Student Pamphlet
D 103.122/3:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: Public Works Digest
D 103.125:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: Tech-Tran
D 103.126:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: The Environmental Update
D 103.128:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: NEPA/BRAC
D 103.130:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: NDC Report
D 103.130/2:    Dredging contracts awarded
D 103.132:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: Planners and Project Managers Program
D 103.135:    Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, VA: Electronic Products
D 103.136/2:    The New York District times
D 103.136/3:    Tulsa District Record
D 103.136/4:    Yankee Engineer
D 103.136/7:    Essayons forward
D 103.136:    Constellation
D 103.137:    Upper Mississippi River-Illinois Waterway System Navigation Study
D 103.208:    Lake Survey Office: Catalog of Charts of the Great Lakes and Connecting Waters, also Lake Champlain, New York Canals, Minnesota-Ontario Border Lakes
D 103.301:    Mississippi River Commission: Annual Report
D 103.302:    General Publications
D 103.307:    Maps
D 103.309:    Stages and Discharges, Mississippi River and its Outlets and Tributaries 

Army Medical Department (1950- )

D 104.1:    Annual Report, Surgeon General, United States Army 1818-
D 104.2:    General Publications
D 104.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 104.10:    Army Medical Library Bibliographies
D 104.10/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
D 104.11:    Medical Department of the Army in World War II
D 104.11/2:    Medical Department, United States Army in Vietnam
D 104.15/3:    Walter Reed Army Medical Center: Annual Progress Report
D 104.15/5:    Walter Reed Army Medical Center: Progress Notes 1968-
D 104.16:    Annual Report, Dependents' Medical Care Program
D 104.27:    United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases: Annual Progress Report
D 104.28:    Perspectives 1975-
D 104.30:    Annual Historical Report, AMEDD Activities for the Calendar Year
D 104.31/3:    Army Medical Equipment and Optical School: Student Handouts
D 104.35:    Textbook of Military Medicine
D 104.36:    Electronic Products
D 104.37:    The Mercury 

Publications Relating to Ordnance (1968- )

D 105.2:    General Publications
D 105.6/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 105.6/4:    Job Aids (Army Ordnance and Chemical Center and School)
D 105.9/2:    OCO (Office Chief of Ordnance) Pamphlets
D 105.9/3:    USAAPGISA (U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground Installation Support Activity) Pamphlets
D 105.10:    Memorandum Report BRLTR
D 105.10/2:    Reports
D 105.10/3-2:    Technical Report BRLTR
D 105.12:    Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, N.J., Technical Reports
D 105.14:    Technical Reports RT-
D 105.14/5:    Harry Diamond Laboratories: Special Reports
D 105.25:    Army Ordance Center and Achool, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland: Special Texts, ST-
D 105.27:    OSPAM- 

Quartermaster Corps (1949- )

D 106.17:    Earth Sciences Division: Technical Report ES 

Office of Judge Advocate General (1949- )

D 108.5/2:    Military Laws of United States
D 108.10:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 108.11:    Army Lawyer 1971- 

Military Academy (1949- )

D 109.2:    General Publications
D 109.7:    Official Register of Officers and Cadets
D 109.8:    Catalogue
D 109.9:    Student Conference on United States Affairs
D 109.11:    Maps and Atlases
D 109.15:    USCC Pamphlet 

Command and General Staff College (1949- )

D 110.2:    General Publications
D 110.7:    Military Review 1922-
D 110.7/2:    Spanish Edition
D 110.7/3:    Portuguese Edition
D 110.9:    Leavenworth Papers
D 110.10:    Reference Books, RB-(series)
D 110.11:    Research Surveys (Combat Studies Institute)
D 110.12:    Historical Bibliography
D 110.13:    Invasion, Intervention, "Intervasion" : a Concise History of the U.S. Army in Operation Uphold Decocracy
D 110.14:    ?? Not in the andriot book
D 110.15:    ?? Not in the andriot book 

Army Electronics Research and Development Command (1968- )

D 111.9/6:    Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory: Contractor Reports ASL-CR
D 111.11:    Annual Reports
D 111.14:    Army Communicator, Voice of the Signal Corps 

National Guard Bureau (1949-1968)

D 112.1:    Annual Reports
D 112.8:    Official National Guard Register 

Panama Canal (1949-1950)

D 113.1:    Annual Reports 

Center of Military History (1974- )

D 114.2:    General Publications
D 114.7:    United States Army in World War II
D 114.7/5-2:    The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II
D 114.7/2:    United States Army in World War II: Master Index, Reader's Guide
D 114.7/3:    United States Army in Vietnam
D 114.7/4:    U.S. Army in Action Series
D 114.7/5:    The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II
D 114.8:    World War I (1917-19) Publications
D 114.9:    Armed Forces in Action
D 114.10:    Publications of Office, Chief of Military History
D 114.10/2:    Army Historical Program, Fiscal Year
D 114.11:    Army Lineage Book
D 114.12:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 114.13:    Posters, Etc.
D 114.14:    Special Bibliographical Series
D 114.15:    Department of the Army Historical Summary 1971/72-
D 114.17:    Special Studies Series
D 114.18:    Indochina Monographs
D 114.19:    Army Historical Series
D 114.19/2:    Historical Analysis Series
D 114.19/3:    Historical Studies
D 114.20:    Army History
D 114.21:    Electronic Products 

Chemical Corps (1949- )

D 116.17:    Army Chemical Review 

U.S. Army Air Mobility Research and Development Command (1968- )

D 117.8/2:    Applied Technology Laboratory, U.S. Army Research and Technology Laboratories (AVRADCOM)
D 117.8/4:    USARTL-TN, Technical Notes 

Office of Personnel Operations (1949- )

D 118.9:    Recruiter Journal 1948- 

Office of Civil Defense (1964-1972)

D 119.1:    Annual Report 1961/62-
D 119.1/2:    Annual Statistical Report, Fiscal Year 1961/62-
D 119.8/2:    Handbooks, H1-
D 119.8/3:    Federal Guidance for State and Local Civil Defense, FG-(series)
D 119.8/8:    Student Manuals
D 119.9:    Technical Reports, TR 1-
D 119.11:    Miscellaneous Publications, MP-(series)
D 119.14:    Buildings with Fallout Protection, Design Case Studies. DCS-1- 

Office of Provost Marshal General (1969- )

D 120.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Department of the Navy (1949- )

D 201.1:    Report to the Congress
D 201.1/3:    Navy Personnel Research and Development Center: Annual Report
D 201.2:    General Publications
D 201.2:Se 4/2    Selling to Navy Prime Contractors 1952-
D 201.5:    Laws
D 201.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
D 201.6/2:    Navy Comptroller Manual
D 201.6/10:    Navy Procurement Directives
D 201.6/12:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 201.6/12-2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 201.8:    Court-Martial Orders
D 201.15:    United States Antarctic Programs, Annual Report
D 201.17:    Direction, The Navy Public Affairs Magazine
D 201.19:    Posters
D 201.19/2:    Audiovisual Materials
D 201.21/5:    Naval Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren, VA: Naval Surface Weapons Center, Technical Reports, NSWC-TR-
D 201.21/6:    Naval Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren, VA: Naval Surface Weapons Center, NSWC-AP-
D 201.21/6-2:    Naval Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren, VA: NWC Administrative Publication
D 201.21/7:    Naval Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren, VA: NSWC MP
D 201.21/8:    Naval Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren, VA: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, Technical Digest
D 201.25:    Navy Family Lifeline
D 201.32:    Fathom, Surface Ship and Submarine Safety Review
D 201.33:    History of the Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy
D 201.35:    Long Range Acquisition Estimates
D 201.37:    Consolidated Subject Index
D 201.38:    Bibliography
D 201.40:    Electronic Products
D 201.44:    ABM (Acquisition & Business Management) Online
D 201.44:    ABM (Acquisition & Business Management) Online
D 201.46:    Marine Environmental Update
D 201.47:    Strategic insights
D 201.48:    Homeland Security Affairs 

Naval Air Systems Command (1966- )

D 202.2:    General Publications
D 202.2:At 6    U.S. Navy Marine Climatic Atlas of the World 1955-69
D 202.9:    Naval Aviation News
D 202.13:    Approach
D 202.19:    Mech
D 202.20:    Fathom, Surface Ship and Submarine Safety Review
D 202.24:    Ground Warrior 

Naval Oceanographic Service (1962- )

D 203.1:    Annual Report
D 203.22:9/    American Practical Navigator
D 203.22:102    International Code of Signals, United States Edition 1968
D 203.22/3:    Special Publications, SP- (series)
D 203.33:    National Oceanographic Instrumentation Center: National Oceanographic Fleet Operating Schedules
D 203.34:    National Oceanographic Instrumentation Center: Electronic Products 

Office of Civilian Manpower Management (1966- )

D 204.7:    Safety Review 1944-1972 

Office of Judge Advocate General (1949- )

D 205.7:    Naval Law Review 1947- 

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (1949- )

D 206.1/3:    Command Historical Report
D 206.2:    General Publications
D 206.3/2:    Navy Medical and Dental Materiel Bulletin
D 206.6/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 206.7:    U.S. Navy Medicine
D 206.8/2:    Manual of Medical Department, Navy
D 206.10:    Reports
D 206.11:    Medical Statistics, Navy, Statistical Report of the Surgeon General, Navy, Occurence of Diseases and Injuries in the Navy for Fiscal Year
D 206.15:    Statistics of Navy Medicine 1945-
D 206.21:    Naval Medical Neuropsychiatric Research Unit, San Diego, DA: Reports
D 206.24:    Naval Health Research Center: Electronic Products 

Office of Naval Operations (1949- )

D 207.1:    Annual Reports
D 207.2:    General Publications
D 207.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 207.10:    Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
D 207.10/2:    Historical Publications
D 207.10/3:    United States Navy and the Vietnam Conflict 1977-
D 207.10/4:    Contributions to Naval History
D 207.11:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
D 207.12:    Naval Documents of the American Revolution
D 207.14:    Excerpts from Slide Presentations by the Office of Chief of Naval Operations
D 207.15:    Navy Lifeline, Naval Safety Journal 1972-
D 207.15/3:    Sea & Shore
D 207.15/2:    Safetyline
D 207.17:    All Hands, Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin
D 207.19/2:    Navy Chaplain
D 207.19:    Navy Chaplains Bulletin
D 207.20:    Combat Narratives 

Naval Education and Training Command (1972- )

D 207.202:    General Publications
D 207.208:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 207.208/2:    Rate Training Manuals 1972-
D 207.208/3:    Personnel Qualification Standards
D 207.208/4:    Navy Training Text Materials
D 207.208/5:    Officer Correspondence Courses
D 207.208/6:    Officer Text
D 207.208/7:    List of Training Manuals and Correspondence Courses
D 207.209:    Campus, Navy Education and Training
D 207.215:    Useful Information for Newly Commissioned Officers
D 207.216:    Bibliography for Advanced Study
D 207.217:    Electronic Products 

Chief of Naval Reserve (1978- )

D 207.309:    Naval Reservist News
D 207.310:    Electronic Products 

Naval Doctrine Command

D 207.402:    General Publications 

Naval Military Personnel Command (1972- )

D 208.2:    General Publications
D 208.3/2:    Navy Chaplains Bulletin 1943-1983
D 208.3:    All Hands, Bureau of Naval Personnel Career Publications
D 208.6/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 208.6/4:    Port Guides
D 208.6/5:    Foreign Language Phrase Cards
D 208.10:    Naval Reservist, News of Interest to the Naval Reservist 1946-
D 208.11:    Navy Training Courses
D 208.12:    Register of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Navy and Marine Corps and Reserve Officers on Active Duty
D 208.12/2:    Register of Commissioned and Warrant officers of the United States Naval Reserve 1921-
D 208.12/3:    Register of Retired Commissioned and Warrant Officers, Regular and Reserve, of the United States Navy and Marine Corps
D 208.25:    Navy Military Personnel Statistics 

Naval Academy (1949- )

D 208.101:    Report of the Board of Visitors to the United States Naval Academy
D 208.102:    General Publications
D 208.109:    Annapolis, The United States Naval Academy Catalog 

Naval War College (1949- )

D 208.202:    General Publications
D 208.207:    International Law Studies
D 208.209:    Navy War College Review 1948-
D 208.210:    Historical Monograph Series 1975-
D 208.212:    Newport Paper (series) 

Naval Facilities Engineering Command (1966- )

D 209.1:    Annual Reports
D 209.10/2:    Technical Publications Navdocks TP
D 209.13:    Navy Civil Engineer 1960-
D 209.14/2:    Design Manuals DM
D 209.14:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 209.17/2:    NAVFACENGCOM Documentation Index
D 209.17/2-2:    NAVFACENGCOM Documentation Index
D 209.18:    Energy and Environmental News 

Office of Naval Research (1949- )

D 210.2:    General Publications
D 210.2:Sh 2    Sensory Biology of Sharks, Skates, and Rays 1978
D 210.3/2:    Technical Disclosure Bulletin
D 210.3/3:    Scientific Bulletin
D 210.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
D 210.6/12:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
D 210.6/2:    Handboks, Manuals, Guides
D 210.8:    NRL Reports
D 210.8/2:    NRL Memorandum Report
D 210.11:    Naval Research Reviews 1948-1978
D 210.12:    Naval Research Logistics Quarterly
D 210.16/2:    ESN Information Bulletin
D 210.16/3:    Scientific Monographs
D 210.17:    Report of NRL Progress -1979
D 210.17/5:    Torpedo Ultra
D 210.17/2:    Naval Research Laboratory, Review
D 210.17/3:    Naval Research Laboratory, Fact Book
D 210.17/4:    Materials Science & Engineering Research, Research Programs and Publications
D 210.20:    Naval Research Task Summary
D 210.27/2:    Shock and Vibration Bulletin
D 210.27/3:    Shock and Vibration Monograph SVM-
D 210.27:    The Shock and Vibration Digest
D 210.28:    Oceanic Biology Program Abstract Book, FY 

Naval Sea Systems Command (1966- )

D 211.5:    Bureau of Ships Journal
D 211.13/3:    Reviews and Lectures, R&L-
D 211.13/2:    Research and Development Technical Reports, USNRDL-TR-
D 211.25:    Commodore
D 211.26:    Explosives Safety
D 211.30:    Financial Policy and Procedures Update 

Naval Supply Systems Command (1966- )

D 212.14:    Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
D 212.15:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
D 212.16:    Hazardous Material Control and Management/Hazardous Materials Information System 

Naval Observatory (1949- )

D 213.2:    General Publications
D 213.4:    Circulars
D 213.7:    Air Almanac
D 213.8:    Astronomical Almanac 1855-
D 213.8/4:    Astronomical Almanac Online
D 213.8/3:    Astronomical Phenomena for the Year 1951-
D 213.9:    Astronomical Papers Prepared for the Use of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac 1822-
D 213.10:    Publications of Naval Observatory, 2d Series
D 213.11:    Nautical Almanac for the Year 1855-
D 213.14:    Almanac for Computers
D 213.15:    News from the Naval Observatory, Stargazing Notes For
D 213.16:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Marine Corps (1949- )

D 214.1:    Commandant of the Marine Corps FY Posture Statement
D 214.2:    General Publications
D 214.9:    Marine Corps Manual
D 214.9/2:    Flag Manual 1970-
D 214.9/3:    Technical Manuals TM-
D 214.9/4:    Fleet Marine Force Manuals, FMFM-
D 214.9/6:    Fleet Marine Force Reference Publications, FMFRP
D 214.9/7:    Marine Air Traffic Control Detatchment Handbook, PCN NOS.
D 214.9/9:    Marine Corps Doctrine Manuals (series)
D 214.11/2:    Lineal List of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Marine Corps Reserves
D 214.11:    Officers on Active Duty in the Marine Corps
D 214.13:    Historical Publications
D 214.14/2:    Marine Corps Historical Reference Pamphlets
D 214.14/3:    Occasional Papers
D 214.14/4:    Marines in World War II Commemorative Series
D 214.20:    Fortitudine, Newsletter of Marine Corps Historical Program
D 214.22:    Food Service Information Bulletin
D 214.24:    Marines, Official Magazine of the U.S. Marine Corps
D 214.27:    Concepts and Issues
D 214.29:    Marine Corps Travel Instructions Manual
D 214.29/2:    Marine Corps Institute Orders
D 214.31:    Outreach
D 214.32:    Marine Corps Directives Electronic Library
D 214.34:    Electronic Products
D 214.35:    Semper Fidelis
D 214.36:    Marine Forces Reserve News 

Naval Ordnance Systems Command (1966- )

D 215.15:    FCIM Focus 

Military Sealift Command (1970- )

D 216.1:    Annual Reports
D 216.2:    General Publications
D 216.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 216.8:    Sealift, Magazine of the Military Sealift Command
D 216.11:    Electronic Products 

Bureau of Naval Weapons (1959-1966)

D 217.18:    NAVWEPS Reports
D 217.22:    Technical Reports NOLTR- 

Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy (1967- )

D 218.9:    Pamphlets 

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (1968- )

D 219.2:    General Publications
D 219.8:    Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
D 219.15:    CHIPS Magazine 

Naval Historical Center

D 221.2:    General Publications
D 221.8:    Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
D 221.17:    Naval History Bibliographies
D 221.18:    Electronic Products
D 221.19:    Contributions to Naval History 

Department of the Air Force (1949- )

D 301.1:    Annual Reports
D 301.1/2:    United States Air Force History Program, Summary of Activities
D 301.1/3:    Air Force Issues Book
D 301.2:    General Publications
D 301.3/2:    Space Tactics Bulletin
D 301.6:    AFR Regulations
D 301.6/5-2:    Handbook for Service Attaches Accredited to the Department of the Air Force
D 301.6/5:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 301.6/8:    Air Force Handbook
D 301.7:    Manuals, AFM-(series)
D 301.8:    Citizen Airman
D 301.26:    Air University Review 1947-
D 301.26/2:    Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals 1949-
D 301.26/3:    Air University Documentary Research Studies
D 301.26/6:    Air University Publications
D 301.26/6-8:    Air University: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 301.26/6-9:    School of Advanced Airpower Studies
D 301.26/7-2:    Research Reports
D 301.26/7-3:    Student Report
D 301.26/11:    Special Bibliographies
D 301.26/12:    Air University, AFROTC
D 301.26/13-4:    Aeromedical Review
D 301.26/13-5:    School of Aviation Medicine: General Publications
D 301.26/13-6:    School of Aerospace Medicine: Technical Documentary Report SAM-TDR
D 301.26/16:    Air University Catalog
D 301.26/17-2:    Extension Course Institute, Air University: Career Development Course CDC-
D 301.26/20:    Air University Abstracts of Research Reports
D 301.26/24:    Aerospace Power Journal
D 301.26/24-2:    Aerospace Power Journal
D 301.26/24-3:    Aerospace Power Journal (Hispanoamericana)
D 301.26/25:    Air War College Studies in National Security
D 301.26/26:    Air War College Occasional Papers
D 301.26/27:    Air Weather Service Manual
D 301.26/27-2:    Counterproliferation papers, Future Warfare Series
D 301.26/50:    Military History Series
D 301.35:    Air Force Pamphlets AFP-
D 301.36/3:    Research Bulletins
D 301.36/6:    Research Report AFPTRC-TN
D 301.38/4:    Navigator
D 301.38/8:    Information Bulletins
D 301.38/9:    Air Training Command Historical Monograph
D 301.44/2:    The Combat Edge
D 301.44:    Flying Safety
D 301.45:    Air Force Systems Command: Publications
D 301.45/2:    Geophysical Research Papers
D 301.45/10:    Field Agency Publications, Cambridge Research Laboratories, Bedford, MA: Instrumentation Papers
D 301.45/19:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Technical Reports, AFOSR-TR-
D 301.45/19-10:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Directorate of Mathematical and Information Sciences, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Research Summaries
D 301.45/19-11:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Surface Reactions in the Space Environment
D 301.45/19-13:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Research Highlights
D 301.45/19-2:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: AFOSR-
D 301.45/19-2:700    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Air Force Scientific Research Bibliography 1950/56-
D 301.45/19-5:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: US Air Force Plan for Defense Research Sciences
D 301.45/19-6:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Technical report Summaries
D 301.45/19-7:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Recent Research Acomplishments of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research
D 301.45/19-8:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Chemical and Atmospheric Sciences Program Review
D 301.45/19-9:    Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Directorate of Electronic and Material Sciences FY Program
D 301.45/27:    Air Force Human Resources Laboratory: Armstrong Laboratory Technical Report
D 301.45/27-5:    Air Force Human Resources Laboratory: Annual Report
D 301.45/32-3:    Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory: Technical Reports AMRL-TR
D 301.45/38:    Research and Technology Division: Air Force Systems Command Annual Report
D 301.45/38-2:    Research and Technology Division: Human Systems Division, Annual Report
D 301.45/39:    Environmental Research Papers
D 301.45/46-2:    Technical Reports AFFDL-TR
D 301.45/56:    Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory: Feedback 1979-1981
D 301.45/57:    Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory: Technical Reports AFWAL-TR-
D 301.56/5:    Airlift, The Journal of the Airlift Operations School
D 301.56/7:    The Mobility Forum
D 301.60:    Airman, Official Journal of the Air Force 1957-
D 301.62/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
D 301.62:    PACAF (Pacific Air Forces) Basic Bibliographies
D 301.65:    Air Force Engineering and Services Quarterly
D 301.65/2:    ESL-TR (Engineering and Services Laboratory Technical Reports)
D 301.69/2:    Aeronautical Research Laboratory, ARL
D 301.69/3:    Office of Aerospace Research: OAR (series)
D 301.69/5:    Office of Aerospace Research: Publications
D 301.69/8:    Office of Aerospace Research: OAR Quarterly Index of Current Research Results
D 301.72/2:    Road & Rec.
D 301.73:    Air Force Comptroller 1967-
D 301.78:    Proceedings of Military History Symposium
D 301.79:    Soviet Military Thought Series 1973-
D 301.79:9    Dictionary of Basic Military Terms: A Soviet View 1976
D 301.80:    Community College of the Air Force General Catalog 1973-
D 301.80/2:    General Catalog: MAC NCO Academy West
D 301.82:    Army Air Forces in World War II
D 301.82/2:    U.S. Air Service in World War I
D 301.82/3:    United States Air Force General Histories
D 301.82/4:    United States Air Force Special Studies
D 301.82/5:    United States Air Force Reference Series
D 301.82/6:    Air Staff Historical Study
D 301.82/7:    Center for Air Force History Publications
D 301.83:    Air Force Budget
D 301.83/3:    The USAF Statistical Digest
D 301.85:    Studies in Communist Affairs
D 301.86:    USAF Southeast Asia Monograph Series 1976-
D 301.86/2:    United States Air Force in Southeast Asia
D 301.89/6-2:    Air Force Energy Conservation Plan
D 301.89/14:    The Friday Review of Defense Literature
D 301.90:    Encyclopedia of U.S. Air force Aircraft and Missle Systems
D 301.91:    Air Force Journal of Logistics
D 301.92:    Environmental Impact Statements
D 301.94:    TAC Attack
D 301.95:    Air Force ROTC Four Year College Scholarship Program Application Booklet for High School Students Entering College in the (year) Fall Term
D 301.96:    USAF Warrior Studies
D 301.99:    Safety, Fire Prevention, and Occupational Health Management by Objectives Review
D 301.101:    Intercom
D 301.104:    Directories
D 301.104/9:    Air Force Address Directory
D 301.107:    LCCEP (Logistics Civilian Career Enhancement Program) Annual Report
D 301.109:    Information Brochure for Handling Air Force Constituent Inquiries
D 301.116:    Air Force Electronic Publishing Library of Departmental Publications and Forms
D 301.116/3:    Air Education and Training Command Electronic Publishing Library AETCEPL
D 301.118:    Electronic Products
D 301.118/2:    Interactive Courseware
D 301.120:    U.S. Air Force Policy Letter Digest
D 301.121:    ASC MSRC, Quarterly Journal
D 301.122/2:    United States Air Force Online News
D 301.124:    Cyberspokesman
D 301.125:    Leading Edge
D 301.126:    Ecotone
D 301.128:    United States Air Force Fact Sheets
D 301.129:    Crosstalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering
D 301.130:    High frontier: the journal for space & missile professionals
D 301.131/2:    Ali Times
D 301.131:    Rock Slate
D 301.132/2:    Speeches 

Office of Judge Advocate General (1949- )

D 302.2:    General Publications
D 302.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 302.9:    Air Force Law Review
D 302.11:    Reporter
D 302.12:    Civil Law Opinions of the Judge Advocate General, Air Force 

Administrative Services Directorate (1958- )

D 303.7:    Air Force Register 

Surgeon General of the Air Force (1949- )

D 304.2:    General Publications
D 304.8:    Medical Service Digest
D 304.10:    MCP- (series) 

Air Force Academy (1954- )

D 305.2:    General Publications
D 305.6/5:    Cadet Handbook USAFA
D 305.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
D 305.6/3:    Curriculum Handbook
D 305.6/4:    Academic Majors Handbook
D 305.8:    Catalog 1955-
D 305.8/2:    U.S. Air Force Academy Bulletin
D 305.8/3:    Instructions to Applicants, Class of
D 305.8/4:    Instruction to Candidates, Class of
D 305.10:    Harmon Memorial Lectures in Military History
D 305.10/2:    Ira C. Eaker Distinguished Lecture on National Defense Policy
D 305.10/4:    The John M. Olin lecture series in national security and defense studies
D 305.11:    United States Air Force Academy Assembly, Proceedings
D 305.12:    Special Bibliography Series
D 305.12/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
D 305.12/2:D 36    Selected Readings and Documents on Postwar American Defense Policy
D 305.14:    Research Reports
D 305.15:    USAFA-TR-
D 305.16:    Contrails, Air Force Academy Cadet Handbook
D 305.16/2:    Dash One, A Guide to Cadet Training and Development
D 305.18:    Discovery: Faculty Publications and Presentations, Fiscal Year
D 305.19:    Textbook/Coursebook
D 305.20:    Directories
D 305.21:    United States Air Force Academy Journal of Professional Military Ethics
D 305.21/2:    Journal of Legal Studies
D 305.22:    Icarus: The Cadet Creative Writing Magazine
D 305.22/2:    Mindflights
D 305.23:    Soldier-Scholar, a Journal of Contemporary Military Thought
D 305.24:    INSS Occasional Paper, Regional Series
D 305.24/1:    INSS Book Series