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Browse the Documents Stacks: CS

Civil Service Commission (1883-1979)

CS 1.1:    Annual Report 1884-
CS 1.2:    General Publications
CS 1.6:    Instruction and Information for Applicants and for Boards of Examiners
CS 1.7/1:    Civil Service Act and rules, retirement and classification acts, statutes, executive orders and regulations
CS 1.7/2:    Laws, Rules and Regulations
CS 1.7/4:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
CS 1.7/4:C18    Federal Career Directory, Guide for College Students
CS 1.7/5:    Manual on Fund-Raising Within the Federal Services for Voluntary Health and Welfare Agencies
CS 1.23:    On Concerning Reinstatements
CS 1.25:    Information Concerning Temporary Appointments
CS 1.26:    Announcements of Examinations
CS 1.26/4:    Announcements of Examinations, Field and Local
CS 1.28:    Announcements of Examinations
CS 1.28:2279    AN 2279, Current Federal Examination Announcements 1923-
CS 1.28:2280    AN 2280, Best Opportunities for Federal Employment 1951-1975
CS 1.29/2:    Retirement Reports, Fiscal Year, C.S. Retirement Act, Panama Canal Annuity Act
CS 1.29/3:    Report, Civil Service Requirement, Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance, Federal Employees Health Benefits, Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits, Fiscal Year
CS 1.30:    Veteran Preference (in Appointment to Civil Offices under U.S. Government-Form 1481)
CS 1.31:    Official Register of the United States 1816-1959
CS 1.34:    Political Activity and Political Assessments of Federal Office-Holders and Employees
CS 1.39    Position Classification Standards for Positions Subject to the Classification Act of 1949
CS 1.39/2:    Position Classification Standards Concerning Positions in One Agency
CS 1.44:    Handbook of Occupational Groups and Series of Classes
CS 1.48:    Pamphlets 1947-
CS 1.54:    Personnel Management Series 1951-
CS 1.55/2:    Federal Civilian Workforce Statistics
CS 1.58:    Personnel Methods Series
CS 1.59:    Federal Facts 1956-
CS 1.61/4:    Index to Civil Service Commission in Information
CS 1.62:    Personnel Literature 1941-
CS 1.64:    President's Awards for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service
CS 1.65/5:    General Management Training Center, Calendar of Training Courses, Fiscal Year
CS 1.65/6:    National Interagency Training Curriculum
CS 1.65/7:    Management Analysis Series
CS 1.65/9:    Catalogs of Training Courses
CS 1.66:    Civil Service Journal 1960-
CS 1.70:    University-Federal Agency Conference on Career Development Conference Reports
CS 1.71/4:    Technical Memorandum
CS 1.71/5:    Fiscal Year
CS 1.71/7:    Personnel Research Reports
CS 1.72:    Current Federal Workforce Data 1964-
CS 1.72/2:    Federal Workforce Outlook 1965/68-
CS 1.73:    Salary Tables, Executive Branch of the Government
CS 1.76/2:    EEO for State and Local Governments
CS 1.79:    Administrator's Alert
CS 1.80/2:    Labor Management Relations Issues in State and Local Governments
CS 1.87:    Interagency Advisory Group: Annual Report
CS 1.88:    Telephone Directory
CS 1.91:    First Line, Newsletter for Federal Supervisors and Midmanagers 1976-
CS 1.93:    Employment of Disabled and Vietnam Era Veterans in the Federal Government
CS 1.94:    Current IPA Projects for Improved State and Local Management