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Dance Resources: Special Collections and Archives

Updated by Josh Patton on January 5, 2012.


There are several collections within University Libraries' Special Collections that may be helpful for you. Visit the Special Collections homepage for more information.

Carson-Brierly Dance Library

The Carson-Brierly Dance Library is dedicated to the documentation and representation of the entire spectrum of dance with emphasis on dance in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Archives and collections include more than 70,000 volumes, 100 periodical titles, music scores, recordings (audio/video), oral histories, posters, photographs, press kits, and programs. Carson-Brierly is one of 14 dedicated dance libraries in the country.

The Dance Collection, endowed by the Carson-Brierly Dance Library, contains a wide variety of materials in multiple formats covering all forms of dance, including social, theatre, ethnic, ritual, and dance-drama. Also represented are resources on theater history and design, costumes, kinesiology and dance therapy. Formats include: rare books, souvenir programs, photographs, video tapes, posters, musical scores and oral histories.The Department’s largest collection, the Lloyd Shaw Foundation Dance Archives, contains over 700 boxes of materials on folk dance.

Oral Histories

Special Collections has several digital oral histories from dancers available online. Click on the links below for more information and to access these oral histories.

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Woody Colahan
Subjects: Dance, Music, Theatre