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DU/Iliff Joint PhD Program: Dissertation Proposal Bibliographic Methods Guidelines

Keep in mind as you research....

....variety, diversity, and inclusiveness of bibliography.  For example:

  • Range of years that make sense in terms of you topic
    • Look for recent scholarship/conversations so that your bibliography is up to date
  • Range of publications
    • Books, chapters in edited books, scholarly publications, other types of relevant sources
  • If topic appears to be international in scope, I will look for non-English language materials, or will ask if there seems to be a gap
  • No longer need to supply an annotated bibliography that illustrates the diversity of your bibliography, but do think about this aspect and address if you see gaps
  • Be sure to search Dissertations & Thesis Full Text to make sure your topic hasn’t been done
    • The title may look similar, so read the abstract, which will help you determine if the dissertation is actually quite different

Bibliographic Methods and Statement Guidelines for Dissertation Proposal