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Finding the Full-Text of Articles with a Citation: E-Journal Finder

Offers steps to find the full-text of an article with a citation. Last updated by CWA on 7/30/12.

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E-Journal Finder

Steps to use E-Journal Finder to find the Article’s Full-Text


Let’s pretend we would like to find this article:

Title: Puppy Love, Kitty Love

Author: McGinley, Elizabeth

Source: Christian Science Monitor; 8/20/2001, Vol. 93 Issue 186.


Step 1: Click in the E-Journal Finder link.

Step 2: Search with the periodical's title.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate database based on the article's date.

Note: Any of the databases that contain the 2001 date will work.


Step 4: Scroll down and click in the link for the article’s date.

Step 5: Click in the associated volume and issue link.


Step 6: Scroll down to find the article and click in the HTML link to get the full-text.