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Finding the Full-Text of Articles with a Citation: Journal Articles and Google Scholar

Offers steps to find the full-text of an article with a citation. Last updated by CWA on 7/30/12.

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Short-Cut for JOURNAL Articles Only from Google Scholar


Please note: this is for journal articles only and not for newspaper or other periodical titles.


Let's pretend that we would like to find this journal article:


Article Title: Candy Selling and Math Learning

Journal Title: Educational Researcher, Vol. 17, No. 6

Pages: 14-21

Date: 1988



Step 1: Please go to


Step 2: Select “Google Scholar”  which is located under Database and Research Guides search boxes.


 Step 3: Type in the article's title in quotation marks.  Click Search.





Step 4: The article is the first result! Click in the article's title to access. 



Step 5:    Clicking in the article's title shows that the article is freely available. 



Journal Article NOT freely Available from Google Scholar

What if the Journal Article is NOT Freely Available from Google Scholar?  Please follow these Steps (for access from home):


Step 1: Proceed in the same way in the "Short-Cut for Journal Articles Only from Google Scholar" section by clicking in the link for Google Scholar which is located under the "Databases" and "Research Guides" search boxes on the library home page. Then type the article's title into the Google Scholar search box. Click search. 


Step 2: If you are not at the library, you will need to set-up your Google Scholar so that you are able to access the U of Denver full-text links. To do this, please see our research guide for setting up Google Scholar found here:

Step 3: Click into the "U of Denver" full-text link to download the article from a database based on the article's date.



Let's pretend that we would like to find this article:

Article Title: Are Elementary Schools Teaching Children to Prefer Candy but Not Vegetables?

Journal Title: Journal of School Health

Date: 1998




Step 1:



Step 2: 




Step 3:  The full text may automatically come up.  If so, well done.  If not, Article Linker will appear. Select a database that includes the date in which the article was published. Please note that in this case all databases would work for this article's date of 1998. I will use the ProQuest Central database.




Step 4: Scrolling down gives the HTML full-text or simply click in the PDF full-text link: