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Microfilm Instructions: Scan, Save, & Print a PDF

This guide will teach you how to load, scan, save, and print using the library's microfilm machine. Current as of 06/11/2014 JEB.

Scan, Save, and Print A Single Page


1. Once you find the first page that you would like to scan, make sure that it is properly lined up by selecting "Auto Adjust" or "Auto Straighten" from the tool bar on the right hand side of the screen. The entire image you want scanned should fall between the green border lines on the screen.


2. Once you have the image prepared, click on the "Scan to Drive #1" button.


3. A "Save As" box will open. You should be saving to "My Scans" with the file type set as "PDF (multipage) (*PDF)". Enter your PDF file's name and click save. 


4. A Scan Count box will appear in the lower left hand side of your screen. If you have scanned the first page properly it should read "Scan Count =1". 

5. Find the next page you would like to scan, make any necessary adjustments and click on "Scan to Drive #1" again.

6. You should see that your scan count box has now gone up to 2. Repeat these steps as needed. When you are completely finished scanning all of your pages, click on the "Finish" button.



1. To save your PDF to a flashdrive, insert your flashdrive into the left hand side of the computer monitor.

2. Open the "My Computer" icon on the desktop.  You may also select "My Scans" icon from the desktop.

3. Click on "My Scans"

4. Find your file and right click. Select "Send To" and select the name of your flashdrive.



1. To print your PDF, click on My Computer


2. Click on "My Scans" or open any alternative folder where you saved your PDF.

3. Find your file and right click. Select "Print".

4. Follow the printing instructions appropriate to your patron group for our new Wepa Print Stations, an interconnected campus system of printing services.