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SOWK 4118 History of Social Welfare and Social Work: Recommended Books

This is a class-specific research guide created to help students find books, articles, primary source material, statistics, and other scholarly research resources about the history of social welfare and social work in the United States.

Social Welfare Policy

Oral History Books

This is a list of selected oral history books that were formally on reserve for SOWK 4118. You can search for additional oral histories in the library catalog by using the subject heading "Oral History" or by using keywords such as oral histor*, interviews, or personal narratives, combined with topical keywords (e.g., segregation). See also the series, Palgrave Studies in Oral History, which can be searched as a title.

Reference Librarian

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Document Collections

Here are a few print collections of primary source documents that were formally on reserve for SOWK 4118.  To search for other primary source collections in the library catalog, use terms such as sources, interviews, diaries, correspondence, manuscripts, speeches, documents, and others in combination with your topic keywords (e.g., civil rights and sources). You can either use the terms as a keyword search, or limit the terms to the subject field to identify books with relevant subject headings (e.g., "Civil rights movements--Mississippi--History--Sources").