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WRIT 1133 - Relevance and Perspective of Secondary Sources: Context and Perspective

In-Class Group Activity: Determining Relevance and Context/Perspective


  • Skim over the two articles assigned to your group.

Context and Perspective:

  • For scholarly sources, what field or discipline does the source come from, and what background does the author seems to have in that area?
  • For general audience sources, what kind of publication does the source appear in, what is its general reputation, and what is the author known for in that context? 

Criteria for Evaluating Author's Perspective

How do you investigate an author’s perspective on a topic?

•What can you find out about the publication they're writing for? 
•Who is the audience? What disciplines/readers would be interested in this article?
•What do you know about the author?

Searching for Information about the Publication and Author

What type of publication is the article from (scholarly article, general magazine/newspaper/etc., blog, video, etc.)? 


  • What information can you find about the publisher?  For example, who or what organization is responsible for the publication and what types of subject content do they publish?
    • Do a Google search to find the website for the publication and find a description of the publication.

What is the author’s background (for example, scholarly, journalistic, member of community, etc.)

—Strategies for finding information about the author:

  • Does the publication provide information about the author, such as a short bio with the institution with which they are affiliated?
  • Do a Google search on the author's name
    • Look for a CV, LinkedIn page, etc.

Evaluating Context and Perspective

Group 1 

Scholarly Article:

Rudd, Andy, and Brian S. Gordon. "An Exploratory Investigation of Sportsmanship Attitudes Among College Student Basketball Fans." Journal Of Sport Behavior 33, no. 4 (December 2010): 466-488.

Newspaper Article:

Mallozzi, Vincent M. "At Cornell, Catch of the Day Is Always Best on Ice." New York Times, November 05, 2006, 10.


Group 2

Scholarly Article:

Lisa Pinley Covert

“The GI Bill Abroad: A Postwar Experiment in International Relations,” Diplomatic History. Apr 2016, Vol. 40 Issue 2, p244-268.


News Article:

Brian Mockenhaupt, “Veterans tackle another objective: Elite colleges,” Washington Post, Nov 26, 2018, B2.


Group 3 

Scholarly Article:

Luo, Jiali and Jamieson-Drake, David

“Predictors of Study Abroad Intent, Participation, and College Outcomes”

Research in Higher Education. Feb2015, Vol. 56 Issue 1, p29-56.


News Article:

“Study Abroad's Seven Deadly Sins”

Coclanis, Peter A.

New York Times, 10 Apr 2016: ED.6.


Group 4

Scholarly Article:

“Does It Matter Where College Students Live? Differences in Satisfaction and Outcomes as a Function of Students' Living Arrangement and Gender.”

Larry D. Long

Journal of College & University Student Housing. 2014, Vol. 41 Issue 1, p66-85


News Article:

Alison Leigh Cowan and David Walter

“Dorm rooms with bragging rights.”

New York Times, May 28, 2010, A16