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Presidential Issuances: Sources of Presidential Issuances

Shows how to locate U.S. Presidential Executive Orders, Presidential Proclamations, and Presidential Determinations, and other issuances for both recent and historical times.

Sources of Presidential Issuances

Presidential issuances are generally published in multiple places. The sources listed here are generally listed from first sources in which the issuances tends to appear to the last.

White House Website

This is often the first place, although unofficial, to find issuances of all types. (Google: executive orders).

Federal Register

Often, presidential issuances are released (prereleased) in unpublished form at the website: The site will state when the official version will be published. This site is the easiest way to navigate presidential issues from the Clinton administration forward. Although this site is not official, it does link out the the official version which can be found on But this site is much easier to navigate than the official site.

Compilation of Presidential Documents

Formerly know as the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents and now the Daily Compilations, so for simplicity use the title Compilation of Presidential Documents. This publication was started in the Lyndon Johnson administration, and older print copies are housed in the Hampden Center. Issues from 1993 onward can be found on

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 3

Title 3 of the CFR (The President) is the only title that doesn't supersede. Each year contains the issuances of that calendar year. Title 3 is published in January of each year and contains the issuances of the previous calendar year. The official version can be found on

Public Papers of the Presidents

The text of issuances DOES NOT appear in the Public Papers, only a listing (index) with reference to the location in the Federal Register. This is one of the major differences between the Public Papers and the Weekly Compilation. Nevertheless, it is helpful to know that this is yet another source that will point users to an official location of the full text.

ProQuest Congressional

For older presidential issuances you will need to use ProQuest Congressional. One of the modules within this database covers presidential materials from 1789 to present.

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