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Action Research for School Leaders (ADMN 4849): Guides on Action Research

This course guide is intended for students enrolled in ADMN 4849. It provides tips and resources for undertaking action research.

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If you are not able to find the books or guides you need in Encore, try searching one of these catalogs.

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Guides on Classroom Research

Listed below are sample books and guides on action research and educational research methods.  To find specific books on your topic, use the search box above to search the catalog in Compass.  When searching in the library catalog, use short words and phrases.  Do not type in long sentences. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase and use Boolean Operators such as AND, OR, and () to help the system search for your string more efficiently.  

Example searches:

"action research" AND education

education AND research

education AND research AND methodology

education AND (research OR study)

Boolean Operators

AND joins two terms

Example: education AND inclusion

OR searches for either term

Example: inclusion OR diversity

NOT excludes a term

Example: education NOT "higher education"

* an asterisk searches for versions of a word

Example: educat* brings back results for education, educate, educates, etc. 

" " forces a phrase so the words are searched for together rather than singularly

Example: "higher education" will search for the phrase

( ) allows you to search using different operations, like in a math problem

Example: education AND (diversity OR inclusion)

? replaces a letter in a word

Example: wom?n searches for women and woman

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