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Little Magazine in America Collection and Black Mountain Connections: Home

Content for research guide developed by Shannon Tharp, Collections & Content Management Librarian, University of Denver Libraries

Black Mountain Literature Teachers or Students

Some literature students and teachers at Black Mountain or associated with Black Mountain:

  • Paul Blackburn
  • Robert Creeley
  • Fielding Dawson
  • Ed Dorn
  • Robert Duncan
  • Larry Eigner
  • Francine du Plessix Gray
  • Denise Levertov
  • Hilda Morley
  • Charles Olson
  • Joel Oppenheimer
  • M.C. Richards
  • Arthur Penn
  • John Wieners
  • Jonathan Williams (Look for JW’s photographs of Black Mountain figures; look at his work as proprietor of the Jargon Society)


Other Connections

Though they weren’t considered literature teachers or students, visual artists Josef and Anni Albers have material critical to understanding Black Mountain. Some of that literature is openly available at the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation website under their Selected Writings. Anni Albers’ essays on the site tie in magnificently with Black Mountain writers’ work. Also some great resources listed in the Bibliography section of the site. And Black Mountain Studies Journal is a great freely available/open resource.

Black Mountain Authors and the Little Magazine in America Collection

Throughout the Little Magazine in America Collection are many little mags in which the writers listed to the left are published, and some that the writers edited. In addition, the Bobbie Louise Hawkins Papers contain great photographs of Black Mountain associates, as well as correspondence by Robert Creeley, and possibly artwork from Black Mountain associates. Some helpful background + timeline on Black Mountain: Granary Books’ “Black Mountain, Intermedia, Deep Image, Ethnopoetics.”

# Magazine

  • Brian Breger, Harry Lewis, and Chuck Wachtel
  • New York
  • Nos. 1–18 + 4 unnumbered issues: April 1978 (precedes #1), By Ear by Paul Blackburn, December 1978, El Clutch Y Los Klinkies by Victor Hernández Cruz, 1981, and Infinite #, September 1983 (1978–83). Complete.


  • Douglas Calhoun; contributing editor, George Butterick
  • Leroy and Clarkson, New York
  • Vol. 1, nos. 1–6 (Winter/Spring 1971–Spring 1975). Nos. 1–5 each contain a microbook: 1) Edward Dorn, Spectrum Breakdown; 2) Larry Eigner, circuits; 3) Keith Wilson, Song of Thantog; 4) John Wieners, Yonnie; 5) Anselm Hollo, American Mirrors.
  • No. 6 was issued without a microbook.
  • Complete.

Bean News

  • [Edward Dorn, Tom Raworth, Bob Callahan, J. H. Prynne, Michael McClure, et al.]
  • San Francisco
  • [No. 1] ([1972]).

Berkeley Miscellany

  • Robert Duncan
  • Berkeley
  • Nos. 1–2 (1948–49).
  • Complete.

Burning Deck (The Waldrops routinely published writers who were associated with Black Mountain)

  • James Camp, D. C. Hope, and Bernard [Keith] Waldrop
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Durham, Connecticut
  • Nos. 1–4 (1962–65).
  • Complete.

Burning Deck Postcards (See note on Burning Deck above. There are Black Mountain writers whose work is present here.)

  • Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Nos. 1–4 (1974–78).
  • Complete.

Caterpillar (Includes work from Black Mountain writers and associates.)

  • Clayton Eshleman
  • New York, and Sherman Oaks, California
  • Nos. 1–20 (1967–73).
  • Complete. [Nos. 3/4, 8/9, and 15/16 are double issues.]

Duende (Issue 6 is by Larry Eigner.)

  • Larry Goodell
  • Placitas, New Mexico
  • Nos. 1–6, 8–11 (1964–66).
  • Complete.

El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn (Many Black Mountain writers and associates are published)

  • Margaret Randall and Sergio Mondragon
  • Mexico City
  • Nos. 1–2, 4–31 (1962–69).
  • Lacking no. 3, otherwise complete.

The Floating Bear, a newsletter (Includes work from Black Mountain writers and associates; all copies also online and available for download at Reality Studio)

  • Diane di Prima and LeRoi Jones [Imamu Amiri Baraka]; later Diane di Prima
  • New York, later San Francisco
  • Nos. 3–4, 7, 10–14, 16, 18–23, 25–32, 34–37 (1961–68).
  • [No. 38 is co-published with Intrepid 20 and is with the Intrepid issues.]

Fuck You / a magazine of the arts (Includes work from Black Mountain writers and associates; some copies also online and available for download at Reality Studio)

  • Edward Sanders
  • New York
  • Nos. 2–3; no. 5, vols. 1–5; no. 5, vols. 8–9 (Dec. 1962–June 1965).
  • [9 issues. No. 5, vol. 8 is the infamous Third Anniversary Mad Motherfucker Issue! cover by Andy Warhol!! from his evil couch movie from the library of poet and publisher of Duende, Larry Goodell, signed Goodell Nov 65.]

The Genre of Silence

  • Joel Oppenheimer
  • New York
  • June 1967. Sole issue.
  • Complete.

Gnomon (Includes work from Paul Blackburn, possibly Robert Creeley as well)

  • Jonathan Greene (1–2) and Bruce Marcus (1)
  • New York
  • Nos. 1–2 (1965–67).
  • Complete.
  • [No. 1 is the Mediaeval Issue.]

Grist (Includes work by Paul Blackburn and Robert Creeley)

  • John Fowler
  • Lawrence, Kansas
  • Nos. 2, 6–9, 12 (December 1964–[ca. 1967]).
  • [Nos. 1 and 13 were not issued.]

Hanging Loose

  • Dick Lourie, Emmett Jarrett, Ron Schreiber (1–3); Robert Hershon, Ron Schreiber, Dick Lourie, and Emmett Jarrett (4–8, 24–39); Robert Hershon, Ron Schreiber, Dick Lourie, Emmett Jarrett, and Miguel Ortiz (9–23); Robert Hershon, Dick Lourie, Ron Schreiber (40–41); Robert Hershon, Dick Lourie, Mark Pawlak, and Ron Schreiber (42–59)
  • Contributing editors: Denise Levertov (1–39), Denise Levertov and Emmett Jarrett (40– 47), Emmett Jarrett (48–61)
  • New York (1–4); Brooklyn, New York (5/6–62)
  • Nos. 1–2, 4–11, 13–49, 52–53, 56–58, 62 (Fall 1966–1993).
  • [5/6 is a double issue. Nos. 1–24 were issued as unbound mimeograph pages in a printed envelope.]

Hearse: A Vehicle Used to Convey the Dead

  • E. V. Griffith
  • Eureka, California
  • Nos. 1–3, 5–6, 11–13, 15–16 (1957–71).
  • [No. 2 was Larry Eigner’s copy. See his holograph note on p. 23.]

The Judson Review

  • Al Carmines and Don Katzman; poetry editors: Ted Enslin and Paul Blackburn
  • New York Vol. 1 (1963).
  • Sole issue.
  • Complete.

Locus Solus (The LS editors were friends with, and published, Black Mountain writers, particularly John Wieners, Charles Olson, Robert Creeley)

  • John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Harry Mathews, and James Schuyler
  • Lans-en-Vercors, France
  • Nos. 1–5 (Winter 1961–1962).
  • Complete.


  • John Taggart
  • Chicago, New York, and Newberg, Pennsylvania
  • Nos. 1–6 (1966–74).
  • Complete.
  • [Nos. 3 and 5 are inscribed by the editor to Robert Duncan.]

Matter (Includes writing by Black Mountain writers and associates.)

  • Robert Kelly
  • Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
  • Nos. [1]–4 (1963–68).
  • Complete.


  • John Wieners
  • Boston and San Francisco
  • Nos. 2–3 (1958–62).

Paper Air

  • Gil Ott
  • Philadelphia
  • Vol. 1, no. 1–vol. 4, no. 3 (1976–90).
  • Complete.
  • [Vol. 2, no. 1 is inscribed by John Taggart to Robert Duncan.]

Rolling Stock

  • Jennifer Dunbar Dorn and Edward Dorn
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • With no. 4, Jennifer Dunbar Dorn becomes editor and Edward Dorn becomes senior editor.
  • Nos. 1–17/18 (Summer 1980–October 1990).
  • [No. [13] is unnumbered; nos. 15/16 and 17/18 are double issues.]
  • Complete.

Root, Branch & Mammal: A Monthly Bulletin of Animal Discourse

  • Ron Caplan, Grant Fisher, Joe Mehling, Susan Hodges, and Allen Van Newkirk
  • Nos. 1–2 (Sept. 1970–Oct. 1970).
  • Complete.
  • [Published by the Center for the Study of Cultural Morphology & Mutation. No. 1 is the “Location” issue, and includes a Basil Bunting broadside. No. 2 was Larry Eigner’s copy and bears his annotations in pencil.]


  • Sandy Dorbin
  • Willamantic, Connecticut
  • Nos. 1–4/5 (Fall 1973–1976/78).
  • Complete.
  • [No. 4/5 contains bibliographic checklists of Jack Spicer and Paul Blackburn.]

The Spero

  • Douglas and Kathy Casement
  • Flint, Michigan
  • Vol. 1, no. 1 (1965).
  • [No. 1 includes the pamphlet Petite Country Concrete Suite by Jonathan Williams.]


  • David Wilk (2, 3/4, 8–20), Steve Benson (5), Kit Robinson (1), Michael Waltuch (6), Hetty Wood (7), John Taggart (guest editor, 20), Jonathan Greene (21)
  • New Haven, Connecticut; Putney, Vermont; Enosburg, Vermont; Carrboro, North Carolina; and St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Nos. 1, 3/4–11, 13–17, 20–21 (November 1970–1969).
  • [No. 14 has TLS laid in. No. 15 has subscriber letter with handwritten note from David Wilk and Truck Press catalog laid in. No. 21 has contributor letter from Jonathan Greene laid in. No. 3/4 is a double issue; no. 12 is Vermont Anthology; no. 13 is Landscape: Phenomenology of Landscape; no. 14 is Explorations; no. 16 is a Lorine Niedecker issue; no. 17 publishes the work of Paul Kahn, John Yau, and David Wilk; no. 20 is a symposium/special issue on Theodore Enslin; and no. 21 is A 50th Birthday Celebration for Jonathan Williams (“JW /50” on cover), gathered by Thomas A. Clark, David Wilk, and Jonathan Greene and edited by Jonathan Greene. No. 21 is published by Gnomon Press. According to Yale University Library, no. 19 did not appear.]

Wild Dog

  • John Hoopes, Ed Dorn, Drew Wagnon, Gino Clays, and others
  • Pocatello, Idaho; Salt Lake City, Utah; and San Francisco
  • Nos. 1, 3–21 (1963–March 1, 1966).
  • [Many issues contain the ownership signature of Kenneth Irby. 19/20 is a double issue.]