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Internet Searching: Introduction

This guide will enable you to understand what is available on the Internet, how to use search engines, and how to find information on the "hidden Internet." You will also learn how to evaluate Internet resources.

Internet Myths

1. Everything is on the Internet.
2. The Internet contains nothing but trash.
3. Anything on the Web is findable.
4. Search engines search the entire Web.
5. The Internet is the Web.


Why Some Things are not Findable

1. Web page just posted and spiders haven't indexed it yet.
2. URL expired.
3. Web page inadequately indexed by search engines.
4. Bot blocker in effect.
5. Site not completely indexed.
6. Problems with alpha or numeric address.
7. Site is a dynamic site: permanent Web page does not exist, but is generated "on the fly."
8. The URL is case sensitive.


Anatomy of a URL

            secondary               file file
             domain   directory     name type
                |          |   sub   |    |
  transfer      |     top  |   dir-  |    |
  protocol      |    level | ectory  |    |
     |          |    domain|    |    |    |
     |          |      |   |    |    |    | 

About Internet Domains

Internet addresses are really a series of numerals, but can be aliased with easy-to-remember alphabetic addresses. These alpha domains are usually easy to distinguish. A list of all domains can be found at: Domain Name Registries Around the World. Common domains include .edu (US educational), .gov (US government), .org (US organizations, usually non-profit), .int (international organizations), and .us (US state and local entities).

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