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Use these links to navigate U.S. federal government reference resources.

Intro to Reference Docs

Since nearly all government documents are online - including reference documents - you can use this guide to find government reference information. The guide is arranged by Superintendent of Documents classification. This is an agency-based classification system, rather than a subject-based system (such as the Library of Congress classification system). You can read more about the SuDocs system here.

AE National Archives and Records Administration

C Departmet of Commerce

D Department of Defense

ED Department of Education

GS General Services Administration

HE Department of Health and Human Services

HS Deptartment of Homeland Security

ITC International Trade Commission

J Department of Justice

L Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

EP Environmental Protection Agency

LC Library of Congress

NS National Science Board

PREX Executive Office of the President

S Department of State

SI Smithsonian Institution

SSA Social Security Administration

TD Department of Transportation

Y Congress

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