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Using Yewno Discover: Using the Toolbars

This is a guide to using the conceptual mapping tool "Yewno Discover."

Using the Toolbars

The camera icon at the top right of the Yewno window will save your current concept map to a temporary folder called your “Research Journey.” This folder will disappear at the end of your session.



The palette icon underneath the camera icon allows you to choose between three graphic themes for you concept map: “Sketch,” “Azure,” and “Ink.”



The icon underneath the palette icon is labeled “Choose between selection modes.” It allows you to select nodes in the map in different ways. 



The selection mode “Select multiple concepts and create a new Knowledge Map” allows you to select up to eight concepts from your map by clicking on them individually. After making your selection, click the button labeled “Create new knowledge map” to map the relationships between those concepts.



The selection mode “Bulk select multiple concepts into tree view” allows you to select as many concepts as you like by clicking and dragging across the map you are viewing. After making your selection, click the button labeled “Visualize selected concepts into tree view” to generate a hierarchical representation of the relationships between those concepts. 



This is especially useful when working with large numbers of concepts.


The maps you create with these different selection modes are preserved during your session as “layers.” The last icon in this group is labeled “View and select Knowledge Map layers.” It allows you to view these layers as a stack of different images, and to select among them.



The notebook icon at the lower left of the map area opens a small window where you can make notes of any kind. You must be signed in to Yewno in order to save these notes.



The ID icon at the top left of the Yewno window allows you to sign in to Yewno with a Google or Facebook account, or to create an account using an email address.



The search icon underneath the ID icon returns the sidebar to the search window, listing below it any central concepts you have added. These central concepts can be expanded with the small arrow on the left to display a list of related concepts, any of which may be selected for inspection. In addition, mousing over a related concept will highlight it on the adjacent graph.

Note that search is disabled in “tree view” mode.



The footsteps icon displays a history of your session (your “research journey”) in the sidebar. Exporting research is not functional at this time, but any concept map saved in your history can be opened in a new tab, saved as an image file, and opened in an image viewer.


The notepad Icon at the bottom of this group allows you to open and edit your saved notes. You need to be signed in to Yewno in order to save notes or view previously saved notes.