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Using Yewno Discover: Expanding the Knowledge Map

This is a guide to using the conceptual mapping tool "Yewno Discover."

Expanding the Knowledge Map

After generating a basic concept map and selecting a concept for inspection, you may expand the graph by clicking on the large button labeled “Expand Concept” that then appears in place of the original search bar.


This will generate a new graph, showing the original central concept, the concept you selected as a new central concept, and other concepts in relation to your new central concept.


Click on an empty area of the map to show all concepts in their relation to the central concept or concepts in your map. The sidebar will continue to display your most recently-selected concept.


You can expand the map the same way by clicking the “Back” link near the top left corner of the Yewno window (note: not the back button of your browser) until it takes you back to the search bar you started with, with any central concepts you have selected listed below it. Note that each concept listed can be expanded by clicking on a small arrow on the left side, which will open a list view of the same related concepts displayed on the map. You may select concepts for inspection from this list just as you did from the map, or use the list to hide them from the map. 


Now you may enter a new term in the search bar, and select an appropriate entry from the list that appears below the search bar. This will create a new map with an additional central concept just as described above. This method has the advantage of allowing you to add a concept to your map that was not represented in the original map. You may expand the map in either of these ways, until it has up to eight central concepts.


Clicking on any of the nodes in the map will open the corresponding concept in the sidebar. You may continue to explore overviews, concepts, and documents in the sidebar without modifying your map, until you again click the “Expand Concept’ button.

Clicking the line that connects two concepts opens both concepts together in the sidebar, with only two links: “Overview” and “Documents.” “Overview” will show a list of concepts that are related to both of the concepts connected by the line, while “Documents” will show a list of documents that are related to both.