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ReadCube, Papers, & Anywhere Access

What is Papers & where do I find it?

Papers is a reference manager / citation software that's designed to work seamlessly with the Anywhere Access "magic" full text button that follows you around the web and helps you access full text articles from the DU Libraries. Papers makes it easy to get citations and PDFs into your library, and provides both desktop and mobile apps so you can read articles on the go. All DU students, faculty, and staff have free access to Papers through the DU Libraries.

Once you've installed the browser extension, you'll start seeing an "Add to Library" button on pages around the web -- click that button to start organizing references in your Papers library! 

Access your Papers library online at:


Download Papers apps for your computer and phone/tablet.


Start learning to use Papers with these Papers Bootcamp videos and the Papers Support Guide.


Moving over from RefWorks? Learn how to export citations from RefWorks to ReadCube Papers.

Make It Cite!

Quick Cite feature: Right-click on a citation and select "Copy" from the menu that appears, and then choose "Formatted Reference" from the sub-menu to quickly copy a formatted citation.

right click on a citation, then choose copy, then choose formatted reference to copy and paste a quick citation


Quick Cite in a specific style: Click on a citation within your library to open the full record, then click on the "Export" icon at the top of the record. You'll be able to choose a citation style from a provided list and copy a citation formatted in that style.


Smart Cite plug-in for Word:  To format lists of citations, install the SmartCite plug-in for Word -- this lets you import citations into your paper and format both in-text citations and your reference section in a variety of styles.

Make it fetch full text and filter article annotations

1. Click on any citation in your library to open the full record, and then click on the "Locate PDF" button.


2. If Papers can find full text, a new tab will open in your app to the right of your Library tab -- this new tab will contain a page for downloading the PDF of the article. Click the PDF button (the PDF button will look different depending on which publisher site you're on, but it should always be near the top of the page).


3. A box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to import the PDF into your Papers library -- click the "Download" button to proceed.

4. The full-text tab will close and you'll be brought back to your library tab, where the full text will import into the citation record. You should now see a big blue button that says "Read" -- you can open the PDF within Papers to read and annotate the PDF, and save your annotations to reference later.


5. If you highlight or take notes in the PDF, you'll be able to view, search, and filter these annotations outside of the PDF by clicking on the notes icon at the top of the article record.


Make it organize citations into lists

1. Right-click on the "All Papers" icon located near the top of the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen (No right mouse button? Click on the gear icon instead).

2. Select "Create List" from the menu that appears.



3. Type your desired list name in the Create List box that appears and click "Create."

3. You can now drag and drop citations into your new list!

Make it import big lists of articles from databases

In addition to importing single articles via the "Add to Library" button that follows you around the web, you can import larger lists of references into Papers from .ris or .bib files.

1. If you're searching a database and have saved a large number of articles to your temporary folder, export those citations as an .ris (Research Information Systems) or .bib (BibTeX) files and save the file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.

2. Open your Papers library and select "File" from the toolbar at the top of the page.

3. Click on "Add Files" from the menu that appears.


4.In the "Import Files" box that appears,

  • Set the "Import From" option to "Research Information Systems" (for .ris files) or "Bibliography in LaTeX" (for .bib files).
  • Under "Select Files," click "Browse Files" and select your the file you saved from the database in step 1.
  • Under "To List," you can specify that you want the articles to be added directly to a specific list, if you've created lists to organize your citations.
  • Click the "Import Files" button.


How do I make Papers...

Have questions about how Papers works? Have citations in another reference manager (RefWorks, EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, etc), that you'd like to transfer to Papers?

Check out the Papers Support Pagewhich you can always find in the app by clicking on the Papers icon/menu in the upper-left hand corner of your library: