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ReadCube, Papers, & Anywhere Access

I'm looking for the flagship Nature journal

If you're looking for the flagship Nature publication, we have a full subscription -- you don't need to purchase any articles on demand. Get started reading and downloading Nature articles now!

I'm looking for other journals in the Nature family (such as Nature Climate Change)

We have full access to older articles from most Nature-family journals, but for budgetary reasons, the most recent articles are only available via ReadCube Access or through Interlibrary Loan. The ReadCube Access option gives you access right now, although you won't be able to print the PDF or read it outside of your Papers library.

ReadCube Access is a purchase-on demand program for the newest Nature-family articles where the library pays for the purchase!

►If you're using the ReadCube browser extension, just click the "Get PDF" button as per usual -- it will automatically use the purchase the article (via the library's account) and add it to your Papers library!

►What if I don't have the ReadCube browser extension installed?

You'll have to create an account to purchase articles on demand, so while you're creating this account, why not take a minute to install the browser extension and getting started using Anywhere Access? (Trust me, it's by far the easiest way). If you're on a page with an article you want, just reload the page once you've installed the browser extension, and the "View PDF" button will appear.

I need to be able to print this Nature-family article / save it outside of Papers

If you're willing to wait a bit to read the article, you can request the article through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service -- most electronic articles requested through ILL arrive within 24-48 hours! You'll get an email when your article arrives that will link you to your ILL account, where you can download a PDF of the article that can be printed or saved to whatever file system/reference manager you prefer.