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ASEM - Muslims & Identity in Europe: Background Research for Op Ed


As you discovered in your readings for today, although the op ed is a chance to bring your own voice to a topic, it must be based upon research.

Harvard Kennedy School

“How to Write an Op-Ed or a Column”

While columns and op-ed pieces allow writers to include their own voice and express an opinion, to be successful the columns must be grounded in solid research. Research involves acquiring facts, quotations, citations, or data from sources and personal observation. Research also allows a reader to include sensory data (touch, taste, smell, sound, or sight) into a column. There are two basic methods of research:
• Field research: going to the scene, interviews, legwork; primary materials, observations, and knowledge
• Library, academic, or internet research: using secondary materials, including graphs, charts, and scholarly articles


Selected sources for current news articles

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