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Creative Communities Workshop: Home

A reference services and strategies workshop focusing on patrons in the creative arts.

In Search of Inspiration, Success, and Opportunity

Workshop Goals

What are the expectations for the workshop?

·         Reference services and strategies to help those in the creative arts

o   find sources to inspire

o   use the library collections and other resources for professional development

o   find funding and other types of resources to allow them to practice their art (residencies, competitions, etc.)


What are the creative arts we will consider today?

·         Writers

·         Artists

·         Actors

·         Stage and costume designers

·         Dancers


Selected tools:

·         Library Catalogs

·         Libguides Community

·         Google Search

·         Google Images

·         The Commons on Flickr

·         YouTube

Librarian Profile

Peggy Keeran's picture
Peggy Keeran
University of Denver Libraries