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WRIT 1x33 -- Dr. Taczak's Writing Classes

Get a broad overview of your topic

Reference sources (sometimes known as tertiary sources), usually give you a broad overview of a topic. You can look up answers to general questions here, and start to decide what specific questions you want to ask in your own research.

You'll also start to gather keywords / search terms on your topic, which will be very handy when you start to search for books and articles on your topic.

**Remember, this page just points you towards a few example reference sources from the main subject areas -- there are many more reference sources available in the library, both in print and online!***

Help with the research process

Multidisciplinary reference sources

Arts & humanities reference sources

Business & finance reference sources

STEM reference sources

A selection of helpful reference sources for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine:

Social science reference sources