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Environmental Protection Agency (1970- )

EP 1.1:    Annual Report
EP 1.1/2:    Annual Report of Activities of the Effluent Standards and Water Quality Information Advisory Committee
EP 1.1/3:    Office of Research and Development , Region 1: Annual Budget
EP 1.1/4:    Summary of the Budget
EP 1.1/5:    Office of the Inspector General: Semiannual Report
EP 1.1/6:    ORD Annual Report
EP 1.1/7:    ROD Annual Report FY
EP 1.1/8:    Clean Lakes Program, Annual Report
EP 1.1/9:    Report of the Good Neighbor Environmental Board to the President and Congress of the United States
EP 1.1/10:    Progress Report
EP 1.1/11:    NATO/CCMS Pilot Study: Evaluation of Demonstrated and Emerging Technologies for Treatment of Contaminated Land and Groundwater
EP 1.1/12:    Annual Report NATO/CCMS Pilot Study: Clean Products and Processes
EP 1.2    General Publications
EP 1.2/2:    General Publications
EP 1.3/2:    EPA Citizens' Bulletin 1971-
EP 1.3/3:    Engineering Bulletin
EP 1.3/4:    Emerging Technology Bulletin
EP 1.3/5:    EPA Intermttent Bulletin
EP 1.5:    Laws
EP 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
EP 1.6/2:    Background Document for Noise Emissions Regulations
EP 1.6/3:    Noise Emission Standards for Construction Equipment, Backround Document for
EP 1.7:    Press Releases
EP 1.7/2:    Environmental News
EP 1.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 1.8/2:    Assistance Administration Manual
EP 1.8/3:    Development Document for Effluent Limitations Guidelines and New Source Performance Standards for (various industries)
EP 1.8/4:    Economic Analysis of Proposed Effluent Guidelines
EP 1.8/4-2:    Economic Analysis of Pretreatment Standards Series
EP 1.8/4-3:    Proposes Effluent Guidelines
EP 1.8/4-4:    Industrial Effluent Standards
EP 1.8/6:    OAQPS Guideline Series
EP 1.8/7:    Stationary Source Enforcement Series
EP 1.8/8:    Water Quality Management Guidance
EP 1.8/9:    Extramural Program Guide
EP 1.8/10:    Economic Impact Analysis of Alternative Pollution Control Technologies
EP 1.8/11:    Operating Year Guidance
EP 1.8/12:    Working for Clean Water
EP 1.8/13:    Access EPA
EP 1.10:    Addresses
EP 1.12:    Telephone Directory
EP 1.12/3:    Information Resources Directory
EP 1.16:    Water Pollution Control Research Series
EP 1.16/2:    Conference in Matters of Pollution of Navigable Waters, Proceedings
EP 1.17:    Solid Waste Management Series SW
EP 1.17/4:    Solid Waste News Brief
EP 1.17/5:    Reusable News
EP 1.17/7:    Recycling Update
EP 1.17/8:    1996 Buy-Recycled Series
EP 1.18:    Accession Bulletin, Solid Waste Information Retrieval System 1970-
EP 1.21:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
EP 1.21/4:    Summaries of Foreign Government Environmental Reports
EP 1.21/6:    ORD Publications Summary 1975-1976
EP 1.21/6-2:    ORD Publications Announcement
EP 1.21/7:    EPA Reports Bibliography Quarterly
EP 1.21/7-2:    EPA Cumulative Bibliography
EP 1.21/7-3:    Publications, A Quarterly Guide
EP 1.21/8:    Air Pollution Technical Publications of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Quarterly Bulletin 1975-
EP 1.21/9:    Research Reports, National Environmental Research Center, Las Vegas
EP 1.21/10:    Online Literature Searching and Databases
EP 1.21/11:    National Publications Catalog
EP 1.21/11-2:    EPA National Publications Catalog
EP 1.23:    Ecological Research, 600/3-
EP 1.23/2:    Environmental Protection Technology, 600/2-
EP 1.23/3:    Socioeconomic Environmental Studies, 600/4-
EP 1.23/4:    Environmental Health Effects Research, 600/1-
EP 1.23/5:    Environmental Monitoring, 600/4-
EP 1.23/5-2:    National Performance Audit Program, Ambient Air Audits of Analytical Proficiency
EP 1.23/5-3:    Precision and Accuracy Assessments for State and Local Air Monitoring Networks
EP 1.23/5-4:    Acid Precipitation in North America: Annual Data Summary From Acid Deposition System Data Base
EP 1.23/6:    Miscellaneous Series 600/9-
EP 1.23/6-2:    EPA Research Program, Annual Report
EP 1.23/7:    Scientific and Technical Assessments Reports 600/6-
EP 1.23/8:    Interagency Energy-Environment Research and Development Program Reports 600/7-
EP 1.23/9:    EPA Special Reports
EP 1.23/10:    Environmental Technology Partnerships
EP 1.23/10-2:    Environmental Technology Verification Program Quarterly Report
EP 1.23/10-3:    The Monitor
EP 1.23/10-4:    ETVoice
EP 1.25/2:    Oil Pollution Abstracts -1980
EP 1.28/6:    Environment Midwest, Together
EP 1.28/7:    Environmental Midwest
EP 1.29/3:    Ambient Water Quality Criteria for (various chemicals)
EP 1.31:    Journal Holdings Report 1971-
EP 1.32:    Expro, Listing of Extramural Projects to be Funded in Fiscal Year
EP 1.33:    State Air Programs, Digest, Fiscal Year
EP 1.35/2:    State and Local Grant Awards
EP 1.35:    Quarterly Awards Listing Grants Assistance Programs
EP 1.41:    Inventory of Interstate Carrier Water Supply Systems
EP 1.42/2:    Environmental Fact Sheet
EP 1.43:    Clean Water, Report to Congress 1972-
EP 1.43/2:    Ground Water Issue
EP 1.45:    Comprehensive Planning Series
EP 1.46/7-2:    Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory: Report of Progress
EP 1.46/7:    Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory: Quarterly Report
EP 1.47:    The National Air Monitoring Program: Air Quality and Emissions Trends, Annual Report
EP 1.52:    State Air Pollution Implementation Plan Progress Report 1973-
EP 1.53/2:    Air Quality Criteria
EP 1.56/4:    State Priority Lists for Construction Grants for Wastewater Treatment Works, Fiscal Year
EP 1.57/3:    Final Environmental Impact Statements
EP 1.57/4:    Draft Environmental Impact Statements
EP 1.57/5:    Standards Support and Environmental Impact Statements
EP 1.57/6:    Draft Environmental Status Report
EP 1.59:    Monitoring and Air Quality Trands Report 1971-
EP 1.62:    Cost of Clean Air
EP 1.63:    Collection of Legal Opinions
EP 1.64:    National Emissions Report
EP 1.66:    Decisions of the Administrator and Decisions of the General Counsel
EP 1.67:    EPA Journal 1975-
EP 1.67/a:    EPA Journal Reprint
EP 1.69:    Annual Report to Congress on Administration of the Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act of 1972
EP 1.71:    Water Quality Management Bulletin
EP 1.73:    Federal Noise Program Reports
EP 1.74:    Decision Series
EP 1.76:    102 Monitor, Environmental Impact Statements 1970-1981
EP 1.77:    Environmental Program Administrators
EP 1.78:    Technical Reports
EP 1.79:    Toxic Substances Control Act, Report to Congress for Fiscal Year 1977-
EP 1.79/2:    Toxics Integration information Series 1979-
EP 1.79/3:    Toxics Integration Policy Series
EP 1.81:    Research Highlights 1977-
EP 1.81/2:    Research Outlook
EP 1.82:    Task Force on Environmental Cancer and Heart and Lung Diseases: Annual Report to Congress 1978-
EP 1.83:    Annual Research Symposium
EP 1.84/4:    Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program (series)
EP 1.85:    EPA Annual Report to Pollution Engineers
EP 1.86:    State-EPA Agreements, Annual Report
EP 1.87:    Environmental Quality Profiles
EP 1.87/2:    Environmental Quality Profile, Pacific Northwest Region
EP 1.88:    Chesapeake Bay Program
EP 1.89:    Research Summary
EP 1.89/2:    Project Summary
EP 1.89/3:    Test Method
EP 1.89/4:    SITE (Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation)
EP 1.89/4-2:    SITE Demonstration Bulletin
EP 1.89/4-3:    SITE Technology Demonstration Summary
EP 1.89/4-4:    The Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program, Annual Report to Congress
EP 1.89/5:    Superfund Emergency Response Actions, A Summary of Federally-Funded Removals, Annual Report
EP 1.89/6:    Progress Toward Implementing Superfund Report to Congress
EP 1.89/8:    Superfund Emergency Response Actions
EP 1.91:    Water Quality Management Five Year Strategy, FY-Baseline
EP 1.93:    Environmental Outlook
EP 1.94:    Biology and Control of Insect and Related Pests of (various animals)
EP 1.95:    Environmental Hotline 1980-
EP 1.96:    Environmental Research Brief
EP 1.97:    Puget Sound Notes
EP 1.98:    EPA Newsletter, Quality Assurance
EP 1.99:    Maps and Atalses
EP 1.100:    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Advisory Committees
EP 1.101:    Forms
EP 1.102:    Directories
EP 1.103:    OSWER Training Course Catalog
EP 1.104:    Electronic Products
EP 1.104/2:    EPA DOC
EP 1.104/3:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report
EP 1.104/4:    Landview II, Mapping of Selected EPA-Regulated Sites, Tiger/Line and Census of Population and Housing
EP 1.104/5:    CERCLIS (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation, and Liability Information System)
EP 1.105:    Bioremediation
EP 1.106:    Tech Trends
EP 1.106/3:    Technology News and Trends
EP 1.107:    National Priorities List Sites
EP 1.107/3:    national Priorities List
EP 1.109:    Air CHIEF (Clearinghouse for Inventory and Emission Factors)
EP 1.110:    ORD Engineering Highlights
EP 1.110/2:    ORD Science Highlights
EP 1.111:    Monthly Hotline Report
EP 1.113:    Sector Notebook Project
EP 1.114:    Inside the Greenhouse: A State and Local Resource on Global Warming
EP 1.117:    Small Business Ombudsman Update Newsletter
EP 1.118:    WasteWise Updates
EP 1.119/2:    Fox River Currents
EP 1.119:    Cleanup News
EP 1.121:    Oil Spill Program Update
EP 1.124/2:    FEDFACS Newsletter
EP 1.124/3:    Enforcement Alert Newsletter
EP 1.125:    Science Inventory
EP 1.126/2:    Toxics Release Inventory. State Fact Sheets
EP 1.127:    Providing Safe Drinking Water In America
EP 1.128:    CBEP News Online
EP 1.129:    Ephemera
EP 1.130:    Environmental Administrative Decisions
EP 1.131:    Electronic Newsletters
EP 1.132:    Electronic Updates
EP 1.133:    The CA compass: new directions in compliance assistance 

Office of Water (1970- )

EP 2.2:    General Publications
EP 2.3/3:    EPA-IRC (Instructional Resources Center) Bulletin
EP 2.3/4:    Labcert Bulletin
EP 2.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 2.10:    Water Pollution Control Research Series
EP 2.11:    Oil and Hazardous Material Program Series
EP 2.14:    Cost of Clean Water
EP 2.15:    Northwest Shellfish Sanitation Research Planning Conference, Proceedings
EP 2.16:    Analytical Reference Service Reports 1958-
EP 2.17:    Inventory Municipal Waste Facilities
EP 2.17/2:    National Water Quality Inventory, Report to Congress
EP 2.21:    Digest of State Program Plans
EP 2.23:    Working Papers
EP 2.24:    Fish Kills Caused by Pollution in (year) 1960-
EP 2.28:    MCD (Municipal Construction Division) Series
EP 2.28/2:    FRD (Facility Requirements Division) Series
EP 2.29:    Office of Water Operating Guidance and Accountability System
EP 2.30:    Innovative and Alternative Technology Projects, A Progress Report
EP 2.34/2:    Information Management Branch Update
EP 2.34:    Watertalk, Region 10 Bulletin
EP 2.36:    Nonpoint Source News-Notes
EP 2.37:    Waternews
EP 2.38:    Fact Sheets 

Office of Solid Waste (1970- )

EP 3.2:    General Publications
EP 3.9:    Bibliographies and lists of Publications
EP 3.10:    State Solid Waste Planning Grants, Agencies, and Progress, Report of Activities 

Air and Radiation Office

EP 4.13:    Air Pollution Training Courses, (year) and University Training Programs, Extramural Programs, Institute for Air Pollution Training Planning and Special Projects
EP 4.31:    The Benefits and Costs of the Clean Air Act
EP 4.32:    Ambient Air Precision and Accuracy Program 

Air Quality Planning and Standards Office (1971- )

EP 4.2:    General Publications
EP 4.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 4.9:    Air Pollution Control Office Publications AP- June 1963-
EP 4.9/2:    Air Pollution Control Office Publication APTD- January 1968-
EP 4.14/2:    Chronological Schedule, Institute of Air Pollution Training Courses
EP 4.16:    Progress in the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in (year), Report to Congress
EP 4.17:    Source Category Survey
EP 4.18:    Draft Environmental Impact Statements
EP 4.18/2:    Final Environmental Impact Statements
EP 4.19:    Review of Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources
EP 4.20:    Manufacturing Industries Technical Documents
EP 4.21:    APTI (Air Pollution Training Institute) Courses
EP 4.22/2:    National Air Quality and Emissions Trends Report
EP 4.23:    National Air Toxics Information Clearinghouse: Newsletter
EP 4.24:    National Air Pollutatnt Emission Estimates
EP 4.25:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
EP 4.26:    Directories
EP 4.27:    AIRS Executive+
EP 4.28:    Electronic Products
EP 4.29:    Energy Star Homes Update
EP 4.52:    General Publications
EP 4.54:    Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Background Information Document for Federal Plan: Public Comments and Responses
EP 4.58:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 4.64:    National Air Quality and Emissions Trends Report
EP 4.65:    Quality Assurance Report, Calendar Year ... : The PM2.5 Ambient Air Monitoring Program
EP 4.67:    Tribal Air News 

Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances (1980- )

EP 5.1:    Office of Pesticide Programs Annual Report
EP 5.2:    General Publications
EP 5.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 5.8/2:    Apply Pesticides Correctly, A Guide for Commercial Applicators
EP 5.9:    Pesticides Abstracts
EP 5.11    EPA Compendium of Registered Pesticides
EP 5.11/1:    v.1 Herbicides and Plant Regulators
EP 5.11/2:    v.2 Fungicides and Nematicides
EP 5.11/3:    v.3 Insecticides, Acaricides, Molluscicides, and Antifouling Compounds
EP 5.11/4:    v.4 Rodenticides and Mammal, Bird and Fish Toxicants 1973-
EP 5.11/5:    v.5 Disinfectants
EP 5.12:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
EP 5.13:    Substitute Chemical Program, Initial Scientific and Minieconomic Review of (various chemicals)
EP 5.14:    Environmental Impact Statements
EP 5.15:    Chemicals-in-Progress Bulletin
EP 5.15/2:    TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) Chemical Assessment Series
EP 5.15/3:    TSCA Economic Analysis Series
EP 5.17:    Pesticide Registration Standards
EP 5.18:    Toxic Integration Information Series
EP 5.18/2:    The Toxics-Release Inventory: A National Perspective
EP 5.18/2-2:    The Toxics-Release Inventory: Executive Summary
EP 5.20:    Chemical Information Fact Sheets
EP 5.22:    Toxic Chemical Release Inventory
EP 5.22/2:    Toxic Release Inventory
EP 5.22/3:    Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Form R and Instructions
EP 5.24:    Directories
EP 5.25:    Electronic Products
EP 5.26:    Pollution Prevention News
EP 5.27:    Pesticide Registration Eligibility Decisions (REDS)
EP 5.28:    Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Update
EP 5.29:    Pesticides Industry Sales and Usage: Market Estimates
EP 5.30:    OPPT Tribal News 

Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (1970- )

EP 6.1/2:    EPA Review of Radiation Protection Activities
EP 6.2:    General Publications
EP 6.9:    Radiation Data and Reports
EP 6.10/6:    Technical Note ORP/LV-
EP 6.10/7:    Technical Note ORP/TAD-
EP 6.10/8:    Technical Note ORP/EAD
EP 6.10/9:    ORP Contract Reports
EP 6.11:    Radiological Quality of the Environment
EP 6.13:    Technical Reports
EP 6.14:    Environmental Impact Statements
EP 6.14/2:    Regulatory Impact Analysis 

Technology Transfer (1971- )

EP 7.2:    General Publications
EP 7.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 7.8/2:    Process Design Manual for (various subjects)
EP 7.9:    Technology Transfer
EP 7.10:    Technology Transfer Seminar Publications
EP 7.11:    EPA Technology Transfer Capsule Reports
EP 7.12:    Sulfur Oxides Control Technology Series 

Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds

EP 8.2:    General Publications
EP 8.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 8.16:    Coastlines
EP 8.17:    The Water Monitor 

Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office

EP 9.2:    General Publications
EP 9.15:    Electronic Products 

Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

EP 10.2:    General Publications
EP 10.16/2:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). Executive Summary
EP 10.16/4:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). State Summary Analysis
EP 10.16/5:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). State Detail Analysis
EP 10.16/6:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). List of Large Quantity Generators
EP 10.16/7:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). List of Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities
EP 10.16/3:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). National Analysis
EP 10.17:    Partners in Progress (EPA Update on Federal Facility Cleanup and Reuse)
EP 10.102:    Technology Innovation Office: General Publications
EP 10.108:    Technology Innovation Office: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Office of Research and Development

EP 11.2:    General Publications
EP 11.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 11.17:    National Risk Management Research Laboratory 

Office of Inspector General

EP 12.1/2:    Annual Superfund Report to the Congress for FY
EP 12.1/2-2:    Office of Inspector General Annual Plan
EP 12.1/5:    Multi-Year Plan
EP 12.1:    Annual Performance Report Fiscal Year
EP 12.2:    General Publications
EP 12.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

EP 13.2:    General Publications
EP 13.15:    Environmental Justice Quarterly