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Finding Sources in Spanish: Internet Resources

Using Google to Find Spanish-Language Websites

One of the best methods for finding Spanish-Language websites through a Google search is to use Spanish words and phrases as your search terms. If you need English-language translations for the websites, on the results page, click on "Search Tools" at the top of the page. Then click on "All Results" and select "Translated Foreign Pages." This will show you the English-language translation, but you can always click on "Show original text" to see the website in Spanish. See image below.

Another option for finding Spanish-Language websites is to limit your search to a domain from a Spanish-speaking country. For instance, the domain for Mexico is .mx. If you type into your Google search box and then type in your search terms, you will only retrieve websites from Mexico. See image below. To find additional Country domains, click here.

Free Internet Websites

Freely available websites with academic Spanish-language content are listed below. If you are a new Spanish learner, it may be helpful to use Google Chrome as your browser as it will ask you if you want to translate pages into English.

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