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Language Learning Programs: Transparent Language Mobile Apps

Transparent Language Online Mobile Apps

Transparent Language Online offers mobile apps on iOS (phone and tablet), Android (phone and in-browser support for tablet), and for the Kindle Fire. In order to access the Transparent mobile app on your device, you must first set up an account with Transparent Language Online using your device's web browser (or, you may simply use your desktop/laptop computer for this step). You need not use your email address to sign up with Transparent Language Online, but make sure that the sign-up page recognizes you as a DU-affiliated patron.

Once you have signed up, you will set your native language and the language(s) that you wish to learn and be led to your Transparent Language dashboard.

Use the "GO MOBILE" button along the top menu bar to generate a unique password through which to login to Transparent Language's app. Please note: this will not be the same as the password that you used to create your account; if you try to login to the mobile app with your account password, the login will fail.

You can then use your device's app store to download the Transparent Language app. When opening the app, you must use the unique password generated by the "GO MOBILE" button in order to authenticate your usage.

It is not necessary to re-authenticate through the DU library's website each time you want to use the Transparent Language app. However, deleting the app will require you to generate a new unique password through your browser that you will have to re-enter into the app.

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