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Finding the Full-Text of Articles with a Citation: An Article from a Periodical

Offers steps to find the full-text of an article with a citation. Last updated by CWA on 7/30/12.

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Steps for finding an Article with a Periodical Title

Let's pretend that you want to find this article:

Title: Old Dogs, New Tricks


Source: New York Times; 2/4/2010


  Step 1: Begin at

  Step 2:  Select the Catalog Tab on the Compass Search box and type in the name of the journal or the periodical title into the search box.  Click Search.

  Step 3: Click into the electronic resource of the New York Times:



Step 4:  Under "Access Online," the blue links represent the databases that offer access to the periodical title electronically.  Choose the database based on the article’s date. The date of the example article is 2010, so I will select one of the databases that offers coverage for 2010. 

I choose to select the ProQuest Central database. 

The reason for multiple databases:  Sometimes one database will say that an article is available based on the article's date, but the article cannot be found.  In this case, the next database needs to be checked.  And so on and so forth.

Step 5:  Click into the appropriate database (here, ProQuest Central) and then click into the link based on the article's date: 


 ... The article's date is Feb. 4, 2010, so click in this link.  

  Step 6:   Use the search box found at the bottom of the screen to search with the article’s title in quotation marks:



Step 7:  The one result is the one we need!  Simply click on "Full Text" to access the article: