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RefWorks Tutorial: Exporting Citations to RefWorks

Learn how to use this powerful bibliography software to manage book and journal article citations, and create bibliographies in APA, MLA, or Chicago styles.

Using Compass with RefWorks

One of the easiest ways to export citations to RefWorks is through Compass.  To export citations to Compass, conduct a search and then mark the items you want to export.

Selecting Images for Export to Refworks


After marking the items you wish to export, go to the "e-Shelf" folder at the top of the screen.


Compass e-Shelf


From the Save Items folder, choose the RefWorks option to export the citations.  Summon allows you to batch export all the items in your folder at one time.


Using Article Linker with Refworks

Another way to automatically add citations to your RefWorks database is by using Article Linker. When you see the Article Linker icon next to a citation in a database, click on it and you will see many options available. Under the "Other Options" section of the Article Linker screen you should see a link to "Export Citation to RefWorks." By clicking this link you will export the information into your RefWorks citation list. If you have not already logged into RefWorks, you will be prompted to do so. You need to already have a RefWorks account established (see Creating an Account above) before this feature will work.

Special note: When exporting information into RefWorks, be sure to check the information carefully.  Errors can be present in the data and if you don't correct the information, your bibliography will also contain errors.

Caption: Many of our online databases contain Article Linker icons.

Caption: View of lower part of Article Linker screen. Click this link to transfer the citation to your RefWorks account.

Using Google Scholar with RefWorks

You can set Google Scholar to export citations directly to RefWorks.  For more information, please see our Google Scholar Research Guide.


To setup Google Scholar, click on the Settings option. 




At the bottom of the screen, you will see the Bibliography Manager option.  Choose RefWorks from the list and save your preferences.


When viewing the results list in Google Scholar, use the link labeled "Import into RefWorks" to put the citation information into RefWorks.

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