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Google Scholar: Finding Fulltext through U. of Denver Databases: Features of Google Scholar

Books and Articles Together

One of the first things you will notices is that not only do scholarly articles show up in search results, selected books also appear. I call this "Google Books bleedthrough." There is no way of eliminating the books and just retrieving articles. On the other hand, the books inherit the features of Google Scholar such as sources that cite the book ("Cited by') and the ability to cite the book in the three major citation styles by clicking the "Cite" link.

Getting Full Text of Articles

To get full text of articles to which the University Libraries has subscribed, click the "U. of Denver fulltext" link rather than the title of the article.

Citations from Google Scholar

Use the Cite link to format the citation for APA, MLA, or Chicago styles, and to import the citations into Refworks or EndNote.

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