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Marketing 4530 Research Guide - Organic Skincare Industry: Industry Overviews


Databases for Industry Overviews

Industry overviews can give you an idea of what is going on in an industry. Some of the things you can do with the information you get from them is determine trends and identify the type of competition in the industry. Below is a list of University Libraries subscription databases that provide profiles and overviews for a wide range of industries. 

Industry and Financial Benchmarks


Consulting FIrms

Try searching for Artificial Intelligence at some of the websites of the top consulting firms. Some of these are listed below. Use the following search strategy in Google:

"artificial intelligence"


Databases for Finding Articles

Articles from trade journals, business periodicals, and newspapers can help you find information about a company, find out what is going on in an industry, and find information about the market. This section identifies various subscription-based databases where one can find articles from these types of publications. For other University Libraries databases click here and you will be able to select by category or alphabet.