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SciFinder Scholar Tutorial: About SciFinder

SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder Scholar

Tutorial: SciFinder Overview

Source: DU VideoManager

About SciFinder Scholar

What is SciFinder Scholar?

SciFinder Scholar is a comprehensive discovery tool for chemical information. It contains over 22 million records providing you direct access to Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS) databases including:

  • CAplus Chemical Abstracts
  • CAS Registry

Why use SciFinder Scholar?

SciFinder Scholar is an appropriate tool to use when conducting research in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, material science, chemical engineering, environmental science, and biomedical science. It allows you to move seamlessly between substances, articles, and reactions so that you can understand the full picture of a substance including:

  • Chemical literature
  • Patent records
  • Chemical substances
  • Chemical reactions
  • Atom mapping
  • Experimental procedures
  • Variable groups

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