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Business and Public Policy Research Guide: Google


Google is an excellent tool for discovering primary documents from the U.S. government and think tanks, as well as international organizations, and foreign governments.

Searching Google Effectively The trick to searching Google effectively is to determine the Internet domain you wish to search, and then to perform a focused search using the "site" limit. 

Here are some sample searches.

1. To find documents from a Think Tank you would use their top-level Internet domain. Then you would create the Google search using the "site" function:

gun control

gun control

2. The various U.S. government agencies can be searched the same way:

"gun control" (to find information about this topic from the U.S. House of Representatives)

"gun control" (to find information about this topic from  the U.S. Senate)

3. If you are trying to find policies from other countries, you can use their top-level Internet domains. You can discover these at the  Domain Name Registries Around the World.