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University of Denver Captioning Guide: Home

A one stop guide to captioning/subtitling for the University of Denver campus community.

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Thank you for visiting the University of Denver's Campus Captioning Guide.  This has been developed as a resource to assist in finding accurate information regarding whom to contact for different questions related to the production of captioning/subtitling for the University of Denver campus. 

Why should course videos should captions?

In order to better support our students, we are processing all new videos for DU CourseMedia to include captions when they are available. Research on universal design and multimedia suggests that captions can enhance understanding and concept retention for all learners, not just those with disabilities or students for whom English is a second language (ESL). Captions can help students understand a video in noisy and distracting environments.

Please note that, while the default will be to provide captioned materials, you will be able to request a non-captioned version of a video if that is more appropriate for your teaching strategy.

University of Denver Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Denver is to promote learning by engaging with students in advancing scholarly inquiry, cultivating critical and creative thought, and generating knowledge. Our active partnerships with local and global communities contribute to a sustainable common good.

At the University of Denver, the concept of Inclusive Excellence is at the cornerstone of everything we do.  Actively seeking a student body and a faculty and staff who represent the diversity of our region, nation and world is necessary to prepare our students for an increasingly globalized and connected world.

That diversity extends to identities beyond just race and gender—including sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socioeconomic status, religion, political and ideological viewpoints, and more.

In this, the University of Denver is embracing the captioning of university generated content and supporting course materials, to fully engage our current faculty, staff, current student body, and alumni, in addition to creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for the future students who will shape our world.


Access Services Librarian