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Funding Opportunities & Grants Research: Librarian Liaisons by Department

Librarian Liaison Contact Information

Department/School/Program Liaison Librarian Extension
Accountancy Esther Gil 303-871-3412
Anthropology Jenny Bowers 303-871-3403
Art and Art History Peggy Keeran 303-871-3410
Asian Studies Jenny Bowers 303-871-3403
Biological Sciences Meg Eastwood 303-871-4499
Business Ethics and Legal Studies Esther Gil 303-871-3412
Business Information and Analytics Esther Gil 303-871-3412
Chemistry and Biochemistry Meg Eastwood 303-871-4499
Communication Studies Jenny Bowers 303-871-3403
Computer Science Meg Eastwood 303-871-4499
Economics Esther Gil 303-871-3412
Education Bridget Farrell 303-871-3445
Electrical and Computer Engineering Meg Eastwood 303-871-4499
Emergent Digital Practices  Peggy Keeran 303-871-3410
English Peggy Keeran 303-871-3410
Finance Esther Gil 303-871-3412
Gender and Women’s Studies Jenny Bowers 303-871-4893
Geography Meg Eastwood 303-871-4499
History Peggy Keeran 303-871-3407
Hospitality Management Esther Gil 303-871-3412
International Studies Chris Brown 303-871-3404
Judaic Studies Peggy Keeran 303-871-3410
Languages and Literatures Peggy Keeran 303-871-3410
Latino Center for Community Engagement & Scholarship Jenny Bowers 303-871-3403
Library and Information Sciences Bridget Farrell 303-871-3445
Management Esther Gil 303-871-3412
Marketing Esther Gil 303-871-3412
Mathematics Meg Eastwood 303-871-4499
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Meg Eastwood 303-871-4499
Media, Film, and Journalism Studies Jenny Bowers 303-871-3403
Music Woody Colahan 303-871-6421
Philosophy Peggy Keeran 303-871-3410
Physics and Astronomy Meg Eastwood 303-871-4499
Political Science Chris Brown 303-871-3404
Professional Psychology Jenny Bowers 303-871-4893
Psychology Jenny Bowers 303-871-4893
Public Policy Chris Brown 303-871-3404
Real Estate and Construction Management Esther Gil 303-871-3412
Religious Studies Peggy Keeran 303-871-3410
Social Work Jenny Bowers 303-871-3403
Sociology and Criminology Jenny Bowers 303-871-3403
Theatre Woody Colahan 303-871-6421
University College Elia Trucks 303-871-3480
World Languages and Cultures Peggy Keeran 303-871-3410
Writing Program Bridget Farrell 303-871-3445