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ASEM - Muslims & Identity in Europe: Op Ed exercise


Today, you will work in groups to read, answer questions, and discuss articles related to two topics about Muslims and identity in Europe.

In small groups, skim the article you are assigned. At this point, we want you to discover the issues surrounding a specific incident, not to determine what approach you would take in an op-ed piece about the topic.

Discuss the article, and answer these questions.  You will report back to the class at the end of the exercise.  You will have 10 minutes or so for your discussion.


  • What is the issue?
  • Who or what organization has raised this as an issue and why?  How can you find out more about the source of the person or institution that raised the issue?
  • Who or what organization is responsible for the article, and how can you find out more about the authority of the source?
  • What are the positive sides to this story, and why?
  • What are the negative sides to this story, and why?