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Anti-racist Resources

A guide to anti-racist resources at DU Libraries and beyond.

Black-Owned Independent Booksellers

Ashay By the Bay (Vallejo, CA)

Black Pearl Books (Austin, TX)

Brain Lair Books (South Bend, IN)

Brave & Kind Bookshop (Decatur, GA)

Cafe Con Libros (Brooklyn, NY)

A Different Booklist (Toronto, ON)

The Dock Bookshop (Fort Worth, TX)

Eso Won Books (Los Angeles, CA)

Eyeseeme African American Children’s Bookstore (University City, MO)

For Keeps Books (Atlanta, GA)

Frugal Bookstore (Boston, MA)

Fulton Street Books and Coffee (Tulsa, OK)

Harriett’s Bookshop (Philadelphia, PA)

Knowledge Bookstore (Toronto, ON)

Liberation Station Bookstore (Durham, NC)

The Lit. Bar (The Bronx, NY)

Loyalty Bookstores

(Silver Spring, MD and Washington, D.C.)

Mahogany Books (Washington, D.C.)

Marcus Books (Oakland, CA)

MATTER (Denver, CO)

Pyramid Art, Books, & Custom Framing

(Little Rock, AR)

Reparations Club (Los Angeles, CA)

Sankofa (Washington, D.C.)

Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery (Chicago, IL)

The Sister’s Uptown Bookstore

(New York, NY)

Source Booksellers (Detroit, MI)

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books

(Philadelphia, PA)

The Tiny Bookstore (Pittsburgh, PA)

Turning Page Bookshop (Goose Creek, SC)


Most of the collaborators responsible for this guide are cisgender white women who benefit from white supremacist systems and types of oppression outlined in this guide, and there are limits and hidden biases at work that stem from our privileges and perspectives. We have attempted to bring together relevant resources on anti-racist issues for the DU community, and we welcome feedback and suggestions for the guide, particularly from the perspectives and experiences of Black, Indigenous, and non-Black People of Color (BIPOC) members of the DU community.

Print Books Owned by DU Libraries

DU faculty, students, and staff may now request physical materials for curbside pick-up from Anderson Academic Commons.

If you're looking to purchase any of the titles listed in this guide, we encourage you to purchase them from Black-owned independent booksellers (see the list of booksellers on the left side of this page).