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HE4214: Historiographies : Select Digital Archives & Sources by Topic

Resources for historiography group project in Dr. Christine Nelson's History of Higher Education course, Spring Quarter 2023

The University Archives

Support for Trans Students & State Legislation

Selected from Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies: Primary Sources and Digital Collections LibGuide created by Jenny Bowers and Louise Treff-Gangler. Their guide includes oral history collections, so be sure to check it out.

Abolitionist Pedagogy & Educator profiles

Auraria Campus

Relevant collections:

  • Auraria History Collection
  • West Side Recorder
    West Side Recorder was one of many community-driven and activist newspapers that supported predominantly Chicanx and Latine neighborhoods of West Denver. It reported everything from neighborhood events, to major municipal issues, to the local appearances of activists like Cesar Chavez. It also served as a voice for the community during the displacement of Auraria neighborhood residents prior to the establishment of Auraria Campus. This collection comprises a decade of West Side Recorder from 1964 to 1974 with only a few issue gaps.
  • Bill Trimble Collection
    The Bill Trimble Collection consists of over 500 images documenting the built environment of the Auraria neighborhood prior to its demolition.

Diversity Initiatives

For additional web resources for education see the Education LibGuide created by Bridget Farrell

Tips for identifying sources

Google Web Search
Strategic Google searches
  • Use site:edu to restrict results to the .edu domain
  • Search the institution's name and phrase "digital archive" or "digital collections"

Whose perspective might you want to see evidenced? Where might you find this evidence?