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Off Campus Research

Why Do I Need to Log In to Access the Library's Resources Off Campus? 

Many of DU's electronic resources are available only to current students, faculty, and staff*. Due to licensing agreements, users must be authenticated through a proxy server.
Alumni may access electronic resources on campus only.
*Other authorized users such as Iliff School of Theology current students, faculty and staff may be allowed access based on license terms and agreements.

How Does Off-Campus Access Work?

  1. When you click an electronic resource on the library website, library catalog, or Canvas from off campus, the proxy will take you to a login page.
  2. Enter your DU ID number and password. (The same one you use to access Pioneerweb.)


Having Off-Campus Access Issues?

Review the troubleshooting tips below before contacting the Library.

  • Username or password issues? Look up your username or reset your password through the IT@DU Department.
  • If pages don't display correctly, verify that cookies and JavaScript are enabled in your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.).
  • Getting a resource access error? This could indicate an electronic resource needs to be added to the proxy server configuration file. Please alert the library if you receive a resource access error message similar to this:

Or this:


EZProxy Link Generator

Have a link to a library electronic resource and want to ensure it works both on and off campus? Use our Proxy Link Generator! It will add the proxy server's referring URL ( to the beginning of a link, ensuring off-campus access works correctly.

  • The link must be a stable, persistent link as opposed to a dynamic URL which includes session information that will expire and can't be reused.)
  • You do not need to add the proxy to freely available sites or links that already contain

1. Copy and paste your source URL here:

2. Click the "Create link" button below:

3. Copy and use the resulting link

4. Clear the form to make another link

Problems or comments? Please contact us.

NOTE: Only sites which have been registered in the EZproxy server will work. If you are working with an outside Web resource that needs to be registered with EZproxy, contact us. Please provide the URL you're trying to link to.

Research Center

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VPN Access

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not an option to bypass proxy authentication into library electronic resources. If you have questions about VPN access and the library's resources, please contact the Research Center.