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Carrels provide quiet space within the Anderson Academic Commons for advanced research. Shared research carrels are available in Room 301, along with lockers for storage. This guide explains how to reserve a research carrel.


Carrels provide quiet space within the Anderson Academic Commons for advanced research. Research carrels are available in AAC 301, along with lockers for storage. Access to the research carrels room is controlled via swipe card access and is only available to students who have a reserved carrel for the quarter.  Because of the limited number of carrels available, an application process has been developed to provide this resource to those researchers who have the greatest need.

Application Process

Please use the following link to apply for a research carrel:

University of Denver students who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply for a research carrel:

• Doctoral candidates who are researching/writing their dissertation

• Masters candidates who are writing their thesis

• Undergraduate students engaged in extended research projects (e.g. senior thesis, PINS project)

An application should be accompanied by an email from a faculty advisor confirming that the student is working on a research project during the quarter he/she has applied for a carrel. Please ask your faculty advisor to send a brief email confirming your status and research project to

To allow for the most equitable use of the carrels, they will be assigned one quarter at a time. Students may apply for a carrel each quarter as needed. The carrel reservation period begins on the first day of each quarter and continues through the following interterm.

Some carrels will be shared between two researchers, however, each student will also be assigned a locker for individual use. Students will be given the contact information for the person who has also been assigned their carrel. It is up to each student to determine an appropriate schedule for use.

Carrels are assigned based on the criteria listed above.  The University Libraries will make every effort to accommodate researcher needs, but high demand may not allow us to assign a carrel to every applicant each quarter. If you are assigned a carrel, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to confirm your reservation.

Library Materials

  • Library materials may be kept in carrels or in individual lockers.
  • All materials must be checked out.
    • Library staff monitor carrels and lockers; possession of unchecked-out library materials may result in confiscation of materials and loss of privileges.
  • All library materials and personal property must be removed from the carrel and locker at the conclusion of the reservation term.
    • If items are not removed by the student by the carrel due date, they will be removed by the library and held at Lending as lost and found.
    • Any library materials left in the carrel room after the conclusion of the reservation term will be checked back in to the library.

Furniture and Maintenance

  • Library furniture from other areas of the building may not be moved into the carrel room.
    • Carrels are furnished with a chair, desk, shelves, and wastebasket.
  • Carrels may not be used for purposes other than active research.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their carrel area clean.
  • Heaters, heating elements, and microwaves are not allowed in carrels.
  • Food and beverages are permitted in the carrels, but care should be taken so as not to damage library materials.
  • Students may not attach or hang anything on the wall of the Research Carrel Room
    • this includes, but is not limited to 3M products, tape, sticky tack, etc.


  • The Research Carrel room is only accessible (via card swipe) to those who have a reserved carrel for the quarter.
    • Students will not have card swipe access to the carrel room after the conclusion of the reservation term.
  • Personal materials, such as laptops, cell phones, and iPads, should be kept in individual lockers and not left out on the study carrels.
    • University of Denver Libraries assumes no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal possessions kept in carrels or lockers. 


  • Carrels 1 – 4 are considered shared carrels. Students using these carrels should be aware that they will be called on to share carrel space as necessary.
  • Every student will have a private locker.

Loan Rule

  • Upon approval and agreement to carrel room policies, a carrel and locker will be assigned and checked out to the student's library account.
    • Students will receive a temporary card for the loan period for their records and to remind them of the locker and carrel numbers as well as the due date.
  • Card swipe access to the carrel room will be activated upon approval and agreement.
    • This access will automatically terminate at the end of the loan period. Unless the student renews their carrel checkout, they will no longer have access to the room after the date on their temporary card.
  • Except when renewed, carrels will automatically check back in to the library at the end of the loan period.
    • No late fees will be processed for carrels.

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Questions about the research carrels should be addressed to Carrie Forbes, Associate Dean for Student and Scholar Services at (303) 871-3407 or