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UCOL Leadership/Organization - Grants and Foundations: Finding Funding by Type

Finding Grants by Type

To find grants by types, such as for service, capital, project funding, and so forth, examine the database you are using to see how you search by that category. 

For example, in Colorado Grants Guide’s “Advanced Search,” click on the “Type of Grant” drop down menu to select relevant options:


If the type of grant you need isn’t listed, try searching the term in the keyword field:


In Pivot, on the Advanced Search page, click on “Funding Type” and select the relevant categories.  If your type isn’t listed, then search  for the term into the search box at the top of the screen.


In Foundation Directory Online, click on the “Search Grantmakers” tab, then click “view index” under “Types of Support.”  A menu will appear on the left from which you can select relevant types of support.  Again, if the category isn’t listed, type the term into the keyword search box instead.