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UCOL Leadership/Organization - Grants and Foundations: Helpful Hints

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Best Practices

If you are the designated grant seeker in your organization, get to know the resources the organization provides, so that you are familiar with searching them and, if possible, can set up automatic notifications about new and revised grant opportunities.


If your organization is small, with limited resources, mine your local public and academic libraries to determine what types of print and electronic grants resources they have in their collections.


Identify local and regional grant funders who focus on funding projects in your area.  See if the organization has a website, and, if they do, determine what types of grants they fund and whether they provide descriptions of past successful grants.


Searching and applying for grants is an ongoing process. Set up a regular search schedule, so that you keep current about opportunities. Be aware of deadlines – these happen year round.

If your organization doesn’t subscribe to commercial grants databases, check your public library and academic libraries in your area to ask if they have subscriptions to any online and/or print directories for you to use.  On the website for your public library, look for a link called “Research” or “Databases” or “Online Resources,” and so forth.  If you find such a link, click on it and look for subjects such as grants or foundations.

If your local library doesn’t have online resources, look for an “Ask Us” or “Contact Us” link so that you can ask a reference librarian what types of print resources are available for you to use.