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UCOL Leadership/Organization - Grants and Foundations: Finding Federal Funding

Federal Grants Sources

Searching for Federal Grants

You can use the strategies covered in the first three tutorials in almost any database:  how to navigate the website, how to search, and how to display results.  As you learn to search (link in the box to the left) to find funding opportunities, apply the knowledge you have gained so far.



You can start browsing for opportunities by category on the website's homepage...




...or you can click on the "Search Grants" tab and type in keywords:



Under the search tab, look for ways to focus your search on opportunities for which you are eligible, and for the type of funding category you need:



Within the results, look for ways to change the results display, find tips for searching, and find out how to export your results:



When you see a potentially relevant opportunity, click on the "Funding Opportunity #" to access the full record.  Note that there are tabs within the full record which allow you to view additional information about the grant, and, in this case, a URL to more information embedded in the record:


Take the time to explore this database to learn how to navigate it efficiently and effectively.