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Celebrating Books & More: Currently on Display

Find out more information about current book displays and find bibliographies of past book displays here!


Many of the resources in the book displays are available electronically!  Check out the bibliographies for more information.



May 2017 Displays

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung and we have just the right books for you to check out, take outside, and enjoy. Whether you're curious about climate change, you’re preparing your garden for summer, or you’re getting ready to host summer parties, we’ve plenty of items for you to browse. Stop by our book displays on the main floor of Anderson Academic Commons and have a look for yourself or explore the online books and films you can access from home!

Click on a PDF links below for the entire list of resources featured in this month's displays! 

We also have great new DVD displays out on the third floor. These DVDs include recent award winning films!

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Main Display

Climate Change 

Climate change is hot topic, and an even hotter problem. It’s happening and it’s happening quickly. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that January was the third warmest January.   Climate change is having noticeable effects on our lives.  We’ve got a great selection of items that discuss the consequences and solutions to climate change. Check out this display to become better versed in the subject and to understand how you can help reduce your carbon footprint and inform others.

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Links to some of the items you can access online: 

Ozone Hole Past, Present, Future 

Love in the Anthropocene 

Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know

Mini Displays

- Let It Grow! -

Summer is just around the corner, it’s time to get gardening! Have you ever wanted to try building your own garden? Do you live a small amount of space and want to try your hand at container gardening or perhaps grow some fresh herbs in your kitchen? Maybe you’re not into the thought of actually starting a garden, but you would love to dive into a good novel or memoir. You might be surprised to know we have some gardening novels and memoirs as well! Grab a book, and happy gardening!  

cover           cover           cover           cover


- Throw the Perfect Party -

Tis the season for picnics, garden parties, and cookouts! Check out our party planning booklist for food and cocktail recipes, decoration inspiration, etiquette pointers, and cooking shows that you can stream online from home! You’ll find information for every occasion, like how to pair wine and cheese, make creative favors for bridal showers, or throw a Mad Men themed party. Cheers! 

cover          cover           cover           cover


DVD Displays

- Award Winners & Nominees - 

2016 was a great year for movies, and we’re bringing you some of the best of the best.  Moonlight won the Oscar’s best picture, and Mahershala Ali won best supporting actor for his role in that film.  La La Land also took home a few of the gold statues bringing in best actress, director, cinematography, and music (and suffered an embarrassing moment when they were mistakenly announced as having won best picture).  Viola Davis won best supporting actress for her role in Fences, a film that was also nominated for best picture.  Zootopia won for best animated movie and had good company in the other nominees that included Moana and Kubo and the Two Strings.  Really, you won’t go wrong with any film from this display.  We even have some available for streaming via the Swank database.  

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- Iranian Cinema -

Iran has a rich cinematic history.  The first movie theater was built in 1900.  Cinema was challenged in the turbulent 1970s when many theaters were burned down, but despite this many female directors emerged during this time.  Major themes from Iranian cinema are wide and include topics of gender, sexuality, post-colonialism, war, art, and revolution.  In this display, we offer but a taste of Iranian cinema.  Check out classics like The House is Black and Taste of Cherry or be creeped out by the vampire film A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.  And don’t miss our online offerings! 

Circumstance          The Song Of Sparrows          A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (Special Collector's Edition Blu-ray)          Fremde Haut - Unveiled

- Janusz Kaminski - 

Janusz (pronounced “ya-nush”) Kaminski was born in 1959 in Poland and came to the US when he was 21 years old.  After studying cinematography at Columbia College and the American Film Institute, he eventually ended up working with Steven Spielberg in 1993 on Schindler’s List, for which he won an Oscar.  That movie started his relationship with the director and led to other much loved films like Jurassic Park and Saving Private Ryan (his other Oscar win)These are great films to pop a bucket of popcorn and prop your feet up.  Enjoy!  

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- Stream some of these videos for free from home! - 

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