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Celebrating Books & More: Currently on Display

Find out more information about current book displays and find bibliographies of past book displays here!


Many of the resources in the book displays are available electronically!  Check out the bibliographies for more information.



September 2015 Displays

For the month of September, we will continue to showcase the hugely popular "Video Games" display (and yes, these games are available for check-out!).

The main display is honoring Latino Heritage Month.

We also have two new mini-displays: "Back to School!" and "Feminist Theologies - Celebrating Chancellor Chopp's inauguration".

Click on a PDF link below for the entire list of resources featured in this month's displays!

Main Display

- Latino Heritage Month -

This month we are honoring Latino Heritage Month. Come explore the different aspects of Latino culture. Perhaps learn something new and interesting, or just rejoice in the knowledge you already have of this great culture.

Book CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook Cover

Mini Displays

- Back to School! -

Welcome back to school! This display is geared towards helping you succeed in college by providing books that give you tips on how to study and face other college trials. Good luck in all your classes! And remember, to have some fun, while studying is important, you don't want to get burned out!





- Feminist Theologies -

Chancellor Chopp is going to be inaugurated this September! So, to celebrate, we have created a book display that features a few of the books she has published, as well as many others that feature the same themes on which Chancellor Chopp's research is focused. Come check out this interesting topic and celebrate with us!

Image result for "Escape from paradise : evil and tragedy in feminist theology"Book CoverBook CoverBook CoverBook Cover