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Celebrating Books & More: Currently on Display

Find out more information about current book displays and find bibliographies of past book displays here!


Many of the resources in the book displays are available electronically!  Check out the bibliographies for more information.



May 2016 Displays

For the month of May, we have three great displays for you to check out!

The main display features works of Fantasy.

We also have two new mini-displays: "Nutrition" and "Get Outside!"

Click on a PDF link below for the entire list of resources featured in this month's displays!

Main Display

- Fantasy -

You’re stressed – I’m stressed – we’re all stressed.  Finals are coming up, and you might have a killer test.  Or you might be graduating and need to figure out what you’re going to do with the REST OF YOUR LIFE (no pressure). Or you might be moving back home for the summer into your childhood bedroom that’s still decorated with your collection of miniature cat figurines that you collected in middle school (What? No. That’s not me. . . that’s a hypothetical situation. I totally got rid of all my cat figurines. . .).  OR you might just be suffering from inexplicable ennui. 

Whatever your affliction, one of these books or movies will do you good. Take a break from “real life” and explore one of these.  

Mini Displays

- Nutrition -

Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. No matter your diet, it is important to know how best to get the necessary nutrients to be a healthy individual. These materials will help provide you with information on various diets as well as basic nutritional facts.



- Get Outside! -

Colorado is such a lovely state with so many wonderful things to do outside. Here are just a few materials to help get you started on where to go to start enjoying that Colorado sunshine! Summer is almost upon us, so start planning some activities to celebrate the end of finals. Or, take a break from studying and head out right now! Either way, get outside!

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