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PsycINFO Database: General Search Tips

Use this libguide to learn about the popular database for Psychology, PsycINFO.

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Search Tips

PsycINFO offers many ways to limit or to expand a search.

To illustrate these capabilities, let's search for articles about the mental health of homeless adults.


STEP TWO: I only want scholarly articles, so I will check this box.  I want articles about adults so I will select "Adulthood (18 yrs & older)" from the drop-down menu for "Age Groups."  I also want empirical studies, so I will select this from the drop-down menu for "Methodology."

STEP THREE: Clicking search, shows there are 897 results!  I can limit this search further by only retrieving articles from 2000 to present (the "Filter by Publication Date" is found on the right).  Adjust the dates with the scroll or type the year in the box:

STEP FOUR:  There are still 528 articles, so I will now narrow down the results by retrieving articles on the subjects of the homeless and mental health:

STEP FIVE:  That narrows it down to 357 scholarly articles about homeless adults' mental health.