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PsycINFO Database: Finding Scholarly Articles

Use this libguide to learn about the popular database for Psychology, PsycINFO.

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Finding Scholarly Articles

PsycINFO offers many scholarly articles.  To find these articles, please follow this example: I would like to find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles about the benefits of music.

STEP ONE: Search with music in the first search box and benefits in the second search box.  Also, check the scholarly, peer-reviewed box:

STEP TWO: There are 508 results! To narrow down the results, click in the "Subject: Major Heading" to find articles that are only about a certain subject.  The article's dates could also be specified:

STEP THREE: I would like articles that are about music therapy and that are no older than 11 years old.  So, I will click in the link for "Music Therapy" and then adjust the dates to find only scholarly articles since 2000.  You can adjust by typing the year or by adjusting the scrolling bar.

STEP FOUR: That's all!  There are 83 scholarly articles about music therapy that have been published since 2000.